Selling off the NHS at the Procurement Event of the Year

Since the May election, NHS privatisation has accelerated sharply.

The Financial Times recently reported government sources as saying the NHS can’t function without the private sector. The article also reported that private health companies are pushing for a bigger slice of the NHS pie, as companies like Spire are saying they hadn’t got as much from the NHS as they’d anticipated

They’re not wasting any time.

P4H – The Procurement Event for Health – has been set up for high level NHS and government commissioners/procurement officers to give an opportunity to the private health sector to:

‘connect with a range of influential key stakeholders and decision makers across a range of NHS Trusts and collaborative procurement organisations, in a market worth over £20bn annually’.

The invitation – which went out originally from an events management company to private health providers the day after the election – is supported by NHS Supply Chain and The Dept of Health and is designed to:

‘enhance your chances of winning business within this lucrative marketplace’.

Keynote speeches will be given throughout the day, by directors and senior commercial managers from the Department of Health, NHS Foundation Trusts, the European Health Public Procurement Alliance, the Crown Commercial Service and others.

The final speech of the day is entitled:

‘Where the Private Sector Goes, Should the NHS follow?’

There is no reason to imagine that the answer will be a resounding ‘NO!’, especially as an earlier speech is called:

‘Never Waste a Good Crisis: Another Chance for Procurement’.


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