Excluded public to picket Right Care Right Time Right Place ‘stakeholder engagement event’ Thursday 20th August

Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has excluded the public from its final “stakeholder engagement event” about their huge proposed changes to our NHS in Calderdale.  Penny Woodhead, the CCG engagement officer, told Councillors last week  that the CCG has issued a “targetted invitation” to selected community groups,  in order to present the outcomes of previous engagement events for “feedback and discussion”, before the NHS bosses put together their proposals for formal consultation on hospital cuts and changes.

The event is scheduled for Thu, August 20, 3pm – 6pm, at the Shay Stadium, Shaw Hill, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 2YS. Picket from 2.30pm.

Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has also excluded the public from all other engagement events over the past year, since they shelved the public consultation that should have taken place last autumn. Instead they have been training and paying “community assets” – members of local voluntary and third sector organisations – to go and explain the proposed NHS cuts and changes to selected groups.

And last week they made the laughable claim that there had been no public complaints about their proposals.

Talk about the elephant in the room!

elephant JENNYCalderdale and Kirklees Councillors criticised this claim – as well as the CCG’s “engagement” questionnaire and the scope of their “engagement” – at the Calderdale & Kirklees Joint Health Scrutiny Committee last week.

Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS and other members of the public will be picketing the event from 2.30pm and are appealing to the invited participants:

Don’t cross our picket line!

They ask invited organisations and individuals to refuse to enter this event unless and until Calderdale CCG opens it to the public.

What the CCG isn’t telling you: De-funding the NHS

The CCG’s proposed changes are driven by the government’s “austerity” policies.

These are all about taking money from the public and handing it out as corporate welfare. Since 2010 the government has been paying out at least £85bn/year to directly or indirectly meet the specific needs and/or preferences of private businesses.

The government is deliberately de-funding the NHS, in order to run it down and make it easier to privatise. Calderdale NHS funding is to be cut by £80m over the 4 years to 2019.

What the CCG isn’t telling you: Running down the NHS

The CCG’s proposed changes will adversely affect Calderdale residents – patients, carers, and the staff who provide treatments and care.

NHS staff are asking themselves:

“Why have this façade telling the public we will deliver this, this and this – when we know full well we can’t?”

Patients’ access to some treatments is already restricted through long waiting times, and they are being invited to pay for private treatment.

The “modern workforce” that NHS England (the NHS privatisation quango) requires means more less-qualified staff – some not even statutorily regulated – and more volunteers and third sector organisations. How is this going to provide the same level of care that we currently receive?

What the CCG isn’t telling you: The endgame is privatisation

Calderdale CCG plans to provide health services through an Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) led by a private limited shareholder company, Wainhouse Healthcare Ltd. An ACO provides health care through “managed pathways” for an insurance company. The CCG’s destination is clearly privatisation of Calderdale’s NHS by 2020.

Kids Company shows what happens when charities and 3rd sector groups take over underfunded public services. Do you want this for our NHS?

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