NHS Bosses aim to “realign” people’s “mindsets” to Care Closer to Home scheme

A Freedom Of Information request has revealed that Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Groups think that their big “challenge” in setting up Care Closer to Home is:

“Realigning the mindsets of individuals, their carers and their health professionals to this vision.”

It all sounds a bit like North Korea.

Why should the patients, carers and health workers who are going to be affected by Care Closer to Home need their “mindsets” “realigning” to its “vision”?

Particularly since the CCGs are at pains to say that Care Closer to Home is giving patients what they’ve told the CCGs they want.

Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS asked Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group this question at their AGM in July.

Dr Judith Parker, the GP Practice Rep, told me:

“Realigning patients’ and their carers’ mindsets is about resilience and self management – a different way of health services – enabling and empowering people to take care of themselves and control of their health needs.”

But “resilience” and “enabling and empowering people” are code words for cutting public services, making patients and carers take the burden of care, and radically downgrading clinicians’ working practices, terms and conditions.

As for NHS staff, there are many reasons why the CCGs want to “realign their mindsets to the this vision.” For a start, the Care Closer to Home Evidence Pack for the 13 August 2105 Calderdale CCG Governing Body meeting states (p21) that staff at Locala (the company that provides Kirklees community health services) want to come back into the hospital setting as they feel isolated – despite their interactive digital technology.

And then there’s the issue of NHS England’s imposition of “New Care Models” that require staff to offer managed care that follows set protocols and pathways – thus deskilling doctors and turning them into box tickers. Plus the privatisation quango’s plan for a “modern workforce” that discards NHS national terms and conditions.

More info to follow on this.


  1. Locala staff are being encouraged to put
    Technology before patient care. more Apps being used to monitor there whereabouts worse than big brother


    • The substance of the article is very like an idea with which the retiring Public Health Officer for Kirklees said that Public Health England was approaching councils, after the Health and Social Care Act 2012….which included a very large element of ‘change the way you think!’?? At the time it made me think of the fictional Sci Fi characters whose catch phrase included “We are *****. Resistance is futile!”


  2. It has been reported by the online news site opendemocracy/OurNHS from a source in a local paper that one of the reasons Addenbrooks hospital failed was the implementation of new digital record keeping system from the US which caused a significant percentage of inefficiency in the A&E department after it was deployed.
    Lovely. Not!


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