All singing all dancing Planet Festival celebrated social and environmental justice

Huddersfield’s Planet Festival, organised by Friends of the Earth, brought together a bunch of organisations and people who wouldn’t otherwise have talked to each other but share common goals and values of one planet living and harmonious, just social and environmental relationships.planet fest_lores

The sun shone on the spacious, beautiful Greenhead Park.

Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS was there to say Fund the NHS not Fossil Fuels.

On camera, the Ahmadiyya Community Association asked us about NHS cuts and privatisation  for a video they’re making, which it will be good to see when it’s finished.

Ahmadiyya CommAssoc_loresKatherine Horner, from Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS, said

“It was good to see the residents of Halifax and Huddersfield coming together and making their voices heard on an issue that has a huge impact on both towns.”

Many people were interested in our leaflet Fund the NHS not Fossil Fuels and agreed to ask their MPs to vote for the 2015 NHS Reinstatament Bill to restore the NHS to a universal, comprehensive, publicly owned and run health service when the Bill has its second reading on Friday 11 March 2016.

999 stallAdrian Cruden, with Save Dewsbury Hospital, said

“It was great to have a chance at the festival both to meet up with other NHS and Green campaigners from across Kirklees and Calderdale, but also great to talk with many interested citizens about the threat to the NHS from the TTIP as well as current Government policy. Even if we are lumbered with a Tory Government, there is much we can do to keep the pressure on them to keep the NHS public and to protect our local services until we get the chance to elect a progressive government that reflects the values of the 76% of the electorate that didn’t vote Tory in May.”

Huddersfield Town of Sanctuary  was there, which we were pleased to see because we didn’t know Huddersfield was part of the City of Sanctuary organisation. They are looking for groups and organisations who will support City of Sanctuary by signing the resolution of support, which is a promise to welcome and include people seeking sanctuary in their activities. Here are ways to welcome asylum seekers

The guy from Huddersfield We Shall Overcome Weekend (October 2nd-3rd) said,

“It’s all about bringing all the struggles together.”

WSO Weekend_loresThousands of people in communities across Britain are coming together to organise a weekend of live music and arts events that will give much needed support to foodbanks and other causes. ‘We Shall Overcome’ is a community effort led by musicians and music promoters who want to do something practical to help people being hit hard by homelessness and poverty.

SonicPye – a blues band from the Republic of Yorkshire that is playing at Huddersfield We Shall Overcome gigs on October 3rd at the Parish (4pm) and the Blue Rooms (7pm) – is all people who work in the NHS.  So I reckon we should go along and say hi.

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