NHS privatisation is filthy! Clean it up in Manchester, Weds 9th December

NHS “Vanguard” schemes – like the Calderdale Multi-speciality Community Provider Vanguard – are in the forefront of the new wave of cuts and privatisation that Simon Stevens is flooding our NHS with, through his Five Year Forward View.

Sweep the NHS clean of privatisation on Wednesday 9 December 2015, from 8am-9am in Manchester

Help keep NHS public - clean sweep
NHS England – the stealth-privatising quango led by Simon Stevens, who previously worked for America’s biggest private health insurance company United Health – is running a conference to promote the Vanguard scheme to the fragmented corporations, unaccountable Trusts and commissioners, that are what is left of the NHS.

Strangely, the “new care models” that Simon Stevens’ NHS 5 Year Forward View aims to set up, are copies of the care systems that United Health has set up in the USA. And the Vanguard scheme is his way of fast tracking their insertion into the NHS.

Simon Stevens_999 Call NHS
If Simon Stevens and the Tory government get their way, by 2020 NHS will be turned into a private health insurance system, run by private companies.

Manchester Keep Our NHS Public has called a protest outside the conference:  NHS 5 Year Forward View Vanguard: New Care Models – Leading the Way.  This is
being held at Manchester Conference Centre, 78 Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3NJ
Manc clean sweep
Spread the word! Here’s the Facebook event

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