Save Student Bursaries for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals

On Saturday 9th January, nurses, midwives and others are protesting against the  government’s plan to abolish their student bursaries.

There is a big demo in London and there are smaller demos in other towns but so far we haven’t been able to find any info about any protests in West Yorkshire. If there are any planned, please let us know and we will come and support you!The NHS bursary is not a cost but an investment in care provision

The government are proposing to scrap nurses’ bursaries from 2017 and will be asking future nurses, midwives and other allied health professionals to pay up to £50,000 to study and train to care. This debt will never be paid off as Nurses are among the worst paid members of society.

Scrapping the student bursaries will also make it impossible for student nurses, midwives etc to survive. They work long hours on hospital wards as part of their training, so they won’t be able to get part time jobs like other students have to do to pay their way through their studies.

We are already desperately short of nurses. Scrapping the bursary will deter people from studying to become qualified nurses, midwives etc and will make the already serious NHS staffing shortage even worse. The effects of this on patient care will be horrendous.

It is part of the government’s underhanded plan to defund, run down and sell off the NHS.

Student nurses work in hospitals as part of their training: they bath, feed, administer medication, tend wounds, manage extreme emotions, visit people in their homes. They care: bringing hope to the most most troubled and in support of those most in need.

Nurses need to learn in hospital, under supervision of good, efficient nurses and midwives but they also need to learn from research, from best practice. Their studies and training are full time, and more.

999 are happy to support our nurses in their call for their working rights.

Support the Nurses

The NHS needs them and our society needs them. And we all need the NHS.

London demo Saturday 9th January

The London demo has speakers including nurses, midwives and supporting MPs.

Here is the facebook event page for more info.

If anyone is travelling to London for the demo, please meet at St Thomas Hospital, Westminster Bridge 12pm. The demo will march down York Road to Waterloo Bridge and then across to the Strand. From there they will make their way down Whitehall to Downing Street

nurses demo route

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