Please ask Councillors for public scrutiny of hospital cuts Consultation Document

Paul Cooney, Secretary of Huddersfield Keep Our NHS Public and member of #HandsoffHRI Steering Group, is calling on everyone to ask Calderdale and Kirklees Joint Health Scrutiny Committee (JHSC) to hold another meeting in public asap to scrutinise the Clinical Commissioning Groups’ 60 page Consultation Document on the hospital cuts plans.

These plans  include the proposal to knock down HRI and leave Huddersfield without an A&E.

Here are the email addresses of the Councillors on the JHSC:
Template email

If you do want to write to the JHSC members, you could say something like this:

Dear JHSC Councillors

At the 29th Jan meeting of the JHSC, your allowed the Clinical Commissioning Groups get away with not presenting the Consultation Document – one of three key documents the meeting was due to scrutinise.
You did this  in the full knowledge that the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) plan to launch the consultation this week. Maybe even tomorrow (Monday 8th Feb).

The JHSC Chair asked the CCGs to send the JHSC members the consultation document (which the CCGs said they would have finished writing by around 3rd Feb), so that JHSC members could send the CCGs their written comments on the document.

On 4th Feb the CCGs duly sent the 60 page consultation document to JHSC members and asked for comments by the end of the day as they intended to sign it off on Friday 5th Feb.

Kirklees Council’s Scrutiny Officer reportedly then asked the CCGs to delay sign off until JHSC members had had a chance to read and comment on the document, since a lot of them were at work and probably didn’t even see the email until after work.

Even if the CCGs have agreed (and who knows? No one’s telling the public anything) this would still mean that there would still be no public scrutiny of the consultation document.

Please make sure to scrutinise the consultation document in public – this is vital for the public to have some foreknowledge of the Consultation and also to be reassured that you are carrying out your Scrutiny duties effectively.

Commenting on the Consultation Document in private by email does not fulfill your public scrutiny duties.

It is in the public interest that we the public know what’s in the Consultation Docuement – what they’re going to consult us on, and how – BEFORE the consultation starts. That’s an important part of what Scrutiny is for, but you’ve so far failed to get the CCGs to produce the document in public.

It would be acting in the public interest to leak the 60 page consultation document to the press, as a sure fire way to bring it into the public domain. This is a this reporter’s email  email address to send it to – please be assured that journalists never reveal their sources.

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