Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS
Unincorporated Association Constitution


Name: Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS

Objects of organisation

Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS is a non-party/cross-party campaign group affiliated to national 999 Call for the NHS , sharing its aims and policies,  and campaigning to achieve them in Calderdale and Kirklees.

The primary aim is to protect, save and restore a National Health Service that puts the patient before profit. Allowing doctors, nurses and all health workers to focus on the needs of their patients, not private company profit for shareholders

To this end, Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS aims to steer the process of:

  • Restoring a fully democratic & publicly accountable NHS which stops and reverses the break up of the NHS due to marketisation & privatisation, to bring about a fully renationalised NHS  – back in full public ownership
  • Enacting the National Health Bill (NHS Reinstatement Bill) in the first year of the new parliament. Also to ensure the Secretary of State’s duty to provide a universal, comprehensive health care service based on people’s medical needs not ability to pay
  • Restoring adequate NHS investment to make good the projected £22bn/year funding shortfall by 2020, stopping cuts, establishing & maintaining GDP spend to 10%
  • Achieving full UK withdrawal from the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and other global corporate agreements that seek to undermine public services and place ownership into the hands of UK & non-UK private companies.
  • Renegotiating All Public Finance Initiative debts and investigating them for fraud and onerous debt. Wherever onerous debt is proven PFI should be scrapped.
  • Maximising the ability of a renationalised NHS to limit, research and control the power of the pharmaceutical industry, basing financing of drugs on fair value not large profits
  • Calderdale & Kirklees campaigns in support of these aims and objectives, on specific local NHS and social care issues, to reach and involve as wide a range of local citizens as possible


In order to pursue its objects, the group may:

  • set up a bank account
  • apply for grant funding and other sources of funding (eg crowdfunding, donations etc), but is not allowed to borrow
  • carry out educational, research, campaigning, media, networking and information-sharing activities to help it pursue its objects


Membership is open to any individual who shares the aims of the group.

To become a member, an individual can either apply in writing to the group’s Secretary or attend a group meeting and state they’d like to become a member and agree to abide by the rules of this Constitution.

Members may terminate their membership at any time by notifying the group’s Secretary.

The group’s committee has the right to end the membership of individuals who behave in ways inconsistent with the rules or values of the association.


It is impractical for every member to have a vote on every decision. Therefore, an elected
management committee will run the organisation on behalf of the members.

The Management committee requires at least these three officer roles: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, although these 3 roles can be shared by 2 people if necessary, in the event that there are not 3 members with time to take on these management committee roles. If possible, the management committee will also include a Press Officer and a Public Participation person. If needed, the management committee officers may co-opt up to three additional members. These must not be Councillors or MPs from any political party. The management committee must meet at least 4 times a year, with no longer than three months between meetings. The quorum is two members.

The authority of the voluntary management committee flows from the constitution because every member has agreed to those rules when they sign up as a member. That leaves the office holders as agents for all the members.

The office bearers of the management committee will be elected at the first working meeting of the group. They may then coopt up to three additional management committee members. Management committee membership will last for one year.

After year 1, management committee members will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. (see 6. General Meetings, below).

The management committee has the duty, power and responsibility to pursue the group’s
objects (see 2, above) by acting on its powers (see 3 above).

Membership of the management committee will end if the member acts against the objects and constitutional rules of the group and a majority of the group’s members present at a special general meeting votes for the management committee member’s appointment to end.

General meetings

The first Annual General Meeting will be held within a year of the group’s formation, and then at twelve month intervals. Its business will include:

  • Receiving from the management committee an annual report and statement of accounts
  • Electing office bearers and other members of the management committee
  • Appointing an independent examiner for the coming year

Members may call a special general meeting of the entire membership of the group when there is special business to consider.
Procedure at meetings

If the Chair is absent, another office holder will take the chair.

The chair will have a casting vote.

The secretary will keep minutes of all meetings and circulate them for approval at the following meeting.


The group’s funds may only be used to further the objects of the group and for no other purpose.

When the group opens a bank account, two signatories are required to sign the group’s
cheques. The signatories will be the Treasurer and the other approved/nominated signatory, who must both be members of the management committee.

The accounts of the group are to be independently examined by a reliable, appropriate person nominated and approved by the management committee.

Amendments to the constitution

The constitution may be altered by its members at the AGM, or at a special general meeting for the purpose, which members have received proper notice of.


If the group decides to wind up and there is money in its bank account after all liabilities have been met, this will be paid to another local organisation with similar aims and objectives.

Adopted 22ndnhs privatisation cleaners July 2015

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