“Consultation” questions for Calderdale NHS Commissioners meeting 11 Feb

Questions for Calderdale CCG Governing body meeting 11 February 2016

From Jenny Shepherd.

In relation to agenda items on the accountable officer ‘s report and update on Right Care… Plan.

  1. When is the Right Care consultation launch date?

2.Have the CCGs signed off the Consultation Document?

  1. What happens if most public responses to the consultation reject both the proposals and the options for implementing them?
  2. What evidence will the Consultation Institute want, to show that the CCG understands the options based type of consultation and what predetermination constraints are anticipated?
  3. You’re not consulting on all available options, so what happens if a judicial review finds the consultation was unlawful, as recently happened to a Lambeth Council consultation?
  4. Matt Walsh’s report to this governing body meeting refers to flexing details of the Right Care plan in response to the consultation. At the JHSC meeting on 29 Jan he also referred to flexing details of the hospital development on both sites in response to the consultation. This indicates that the public consultation results will only have at most a marginal effect on the plans. Doesn’t this amount to predetermination?
  5. Matt Walsh’s report says that if the formal public consultation focusses attention on the impact of austerity on the NHS it will have served a beneficial focus. How can Support the NHS campaigners best make this a focus of attention, what evidence if the effects of austerity on the NHS in Calderdale should we highlight and what kind if beneficial effects do you anticipate or hope for as a result of focussing on this issue in the consultation?
  6. Since the CCG recognises the negative effects on the NHS of the government’s public spending cuts aka austerity policy, are CCG staff considering industrial action on the grounds that they are being expected to administer local NHS services that are increasingly unsafe and unfair?


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