Hundreds of Halifax folk find out why their MP Holly Lynch needs to vote for the NHS Bill on 11 March

Today the Calderdale lot of Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS (and supporters) were out on the street in Halifax with information for the public, about why their MP Holly Lynch needs to vote for the NHS Bill in the House of Commons on Friday 11 March.

If she’s your MP and you haven’t already asked her , please consider emailing her now, to ask her to vote for the NHS Bill on Friday 11 March.

NHS Bill info day 3_lores

This cross-party NHS Bill will reinstate the NHS as a publicly funded, publicly run and publicly owned health service, that is free at the point of need, cares for everyone and offers a full range of treatments.

The NHS Bill will halt and reverse the process of turning the NHS into a market-based, privatised health service.

Holly Lynch MP was nearby, so we asked her to vote for the NHS Bill on Friday. She said a lot of constituents had emailed her about this, but she probably wouldn’t because her diary was full of meetings in Halifax, with constituents who need help sorting out problems. Ms Lynch also said it’s only a private members bill with no chance of becoming law.

We said we were sure constituents would understand if she postponed their appointments so that she could vote for this important Bill in the House of Commons.  And it’s being debated early in the morning, so Ms Lynch could be back in Halifax for the afternoon.

And even though it is a private members’ bill, if it gets support from 100 MPs it will be debated on Friday. This will show the government that a substantial number of MPs are fed up with what it’s doing to the NHS, and will build support for the Bill to come back stronger and better in a later session of Parliament.

Holly Lynch said if enough constituents tell her they wanted her to vote for the Bill, she will. So please, if she is your MP, email her now and ask her to vote for the NHS Bill on 11 March. You can find an email template here.

Is she not aware that – as a Halifax Labour Party member said later:

“The Halifax Constituency Labour Party unanimously passed the resolution to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill and that resolution has been sent to the National Executive of the Party, as well as to Jeremy Corbyn and Heidi Alexander.”

In all the excitement, did Halifax Constituency Labour Party forget to tell their MP?

This NHS Bill motion calls on the  Party to support the NHS Bill as official policy and for national bodies and national officers to actively campaign for its promotion by using media and working with other campaign groups and trades unions.

It also calls on individual members to promote the bill and to lobby their own MP both via the Bill’s website and directly through local action.

Be that as it may, we handed out hundreds of leaflets about the NHS Bill, and info about how to contact Holly Lynch MP and ask her to vote for the NHS Bill.

Members of the public were happy to hear that this Bill was being presented in the House of Commons are were keen for Holly Lynch MP to vote for it. It is clear how important the NHS is to all of us, and how awful it would be to lose it.

Recently there has been a meeting between Labour Party leader Jeremy Cobyn (who supports the Bill), the Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander (who wasn’t supporting the Bill when we met her on January the 19th) and Caroline Lucas MP (who is presenting the NHS Bill to the House of Commons on 11 March). It would be good if this led to the Parliamentary Labour Party supporting the Bill on 11 March.

On Saturday 5th March, the Shadow Public Health Minister told the Socialist Health Association Conference in Manchester that Labour is:

“moving towards backing the [NHS] Bill”.


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