Will you monitor and leaflet hospital cuts consultation drop ins, to help save our A&Es?

Calderdale & Huddersfield Save Our A&Es campaigns need your help. We don’t think the consultation is fit for purpose and we need to warn people – and monitor how the Clinical Commissioning Groups run the consultation drop in sessions and public meetings.

Please let us know if:

  • You’re up for monitoring and reporting on a hospital cuts consultation drop in session. This is about observing and noting how the Clinical Commissioning Groups run the events, if they give straight answers to people’s questions, and what they are telling people about the proposed cuts and changes.
  • You can hand out information leaflets to people going into the consultation drop ins. The leaflets contain advice on the consultation survey.  There will also be suggested questions to hand out to people, that they can ask at the drop in.

Monitoring is easy with the checklist, below, and then it’s just a matter of emailing us your monitoring report.

If you can help with one or both of these tasks, please let us know by emailing changingmorethanlightbulbs@gmail.com with “Consultation and Monitoring Info” in the subject line. And please say which session you’re leafletting/ monitoring – see schedule, below.

Monitoring checklist

It’s mostly about observing what goes on – and if you also ask questions, please make a note of their answers. Please will you also note:

  • Was the venue well sign posted and easy to find?
  • Who was there from the Clinical Commissioning Groups, to present the case for the hospital cuts?
  • Was there anyone making notes of the public’s comments and questions?
  • As far as you can tell, how accurate, complete and clear were the CCGs’ answers to people’s questions and comments? Please note the questions and the CCGs’ answers. Particularly any questions that they couldn’t answer, and if/how they offered to let people know the answers later.
  • Anything else that strikes you

Consultation events schedule

Consultation events monitoring:leafletting scheduleBadly flawed consultation

We need help leafletting and monitoring the consultation because we think its badly flawed.

The consultation document is misleading and full of spin, and the consultation survey contains leading questions and is badly designed. When Healthwatch tested it, they said people didn’t understand it or know how to answer it. It’s not clear if the Clinical Commissioning Groups are asking us:

  • whether or not we want the proposed cuts and changes?
  • or how these cuts and changes will affect us?

We need to see if the Clinical Commissioning Groups can explain to the public what on earth this consultation’s for – is it any more than going through the motions and ticking boxes?

Please download this info as an A5 leaflet, if you want to share it with people who aren’t online or use it to sign up volunteers in your town.

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