Pause consultation while NHS commissioners provide full accurate info

Dear Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield CCGs Chief Officers and Governing Body Chairs,

On 27 April, we wrote to you asking you make good errors and omissions that we have identified in the Consultation Document. We asked you to send the corrections to us and also publish them on the Right Care Right Time Right Place website so that all interested members of the public could read them.

We are now asking you to pause the consultation until you have provided answers to all the questions we have put to you. This is because time for Consultation is now running out, and you may need time to respond to our questions and then it will take time for the public to get our heads around your response.

You have not replied to our email, although I am fairly sure you have received it, since unless I am mistaken, Dr Brook referred to our questions at the Threeways Centre consultation drop in event.

In case you did not receive our email, we are re-sending our questions.

Misleading info and info gaps in the consultation document mean that the consultation at present is not objectively and fairly asking the public to respond to the consultation and its proposed changes. We are asking you to put right those things that are wrong in the Consultation Document.  It’s important that the public have all the info before they reply to the consultation.

We are committed to assessing if your proposal is right, once we have all the information.

We look forward to your reply,


Paul Cooney, Huddersfield Keep Our NHS Public
Nora Everitt, Barnsley Save Our NHS
Terry Hallworth, Holmfirth resident
Rosemary Hedges, Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS Campaign
Christine Hyde, N Kirklees Support the NHS
Jenny Shepherd, Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS

Here are the questions the Clinical Commissioning Groups need to answer

Please click on this link

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