Please respond to hospital cuts consultation survey – advice here!



You can fill in the online survey or a printed version of the survey (call 01484 464212 for one. Or pick one up at a consultation drop in.)

The deadline has been extended to 5pm, Friday 24th June.

More detailed info from Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS is online here, if you’d like to check it out.

Please use your own words when you fill in the survey. Otherwise – going on the experience of the Mid Yorks hospital cuts consultation – they will discount survey responses that they claim originate from a single source.

Question 1. We don’t think that that the Clinical Commissioning Groups HAVE looked at all the alternatives. So we suggest ticking “I don’t understand how you got to your alternatives”

Question 2 We think they’ve missed the views of frontline NHS Staff, including most GPs and community health staff. And the views of the general public. We have no confidence in their so-called “pre-consultation engagement” with staff, patients and general public.

Question 3 – Suggested response: a) Why didn’t you ask this question during the pre-consultation engagement when it might have meant something? Consultations are meant to be done on all available options, at a formative stage.
b) You only ask it to show that you are undertaking the consultation with an open mind i.e. before taking a decision.  But your consultation is just going through the motions. Why invite people to come up with alternatives when you’ve said in the consultation document that you do not believe there is a viable alternative to your proposal?
c) Instead of following top-down national plans, why didn’t you work with the general public, Trades Uions and Health and Wellbeing Boards to find effective ways of tackling the social, economic and environmental determinants of poor health? This wouldn’t just improve people’s health, and reduce health inequalities, it would save the NHS loads of money.

Question 4a -Tick: “Other, please specify” and under that, write: “I do not agree with your proposed change.”
Question 4b – Tick: “None of these apply.” Under that Write: I do not like your proposed change
Question 4c – Each town needs its own A&E, because reliable studies show that A&E closure increases death rates for inpatients in a nearby hospital that retains its A&E (ie Calderdale Royal Hospital in this case) AND that increased travel distance to A&E (ie from Kirklees) is associated with increased patient death rates. Where is your risk assessment for this? Cutting hospital beds will mean high bed occupancy – which diminishes quality of care, increases stress for staff and increases waiting times. A&E closure will not solve national problems of shortage of A&E doctors.

Question 5a – “Other, please specify” and under that, write: “I do not agree with your proposed change ”,
Question 5b – Tick: “None of these apply”.
Question 5c – I can’t see how the Huddersfield Urgent Care Centre will be safe for patients – GPs and Emergency Practice Nurses will have to rely for support on a video link to the Halifax Emergency Centre. How will NHS 111 be made fit for purpose so that it sends patients to the right place? Why not follow the advice of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, to create A&E hubs for patients with urgent care needs, alongside both A&Es? This would reduce the pressures on our currently overcrowded A&Es and allow them both to stay open.

Question 6a – Tick: “Other, please specify” and under that, write: “I do not agree with your proposed change. ”
Question 6b – Tick: “None of these apply.”
Question 6c – Each hospital needs to provide planned care.  A centralised single planned care hospital in Huddersfield would cause travel problems for Calderdale people. There won’t be an Intensive Care Unit on site in case things go wrong in planned care surgery.

The CCG’s Equality Impact Assessment says your proposal could have a bad impact on planned care patients. But you have no plans for mitigating this.

The cuts to hospital beds means there will only be 1.62 beds per 1000 population – only  Indonesia,  India  and  Columbia have  fewer  hospital  beds  per  1000 population  than  this. High bed occupancy reduces the time available for cleaning between patients and increases the chances of infection. We can’t see how this new hospital represents value for money when there is no info about the costs of repaying the £290m loan that CHFT needs to build this hospital (and expand Calderdale Royal Hospital to take all acute and emergency patients from both areas).

Question 7a Either tick “None of these apply” and go straight to Question 8, or tick “Other, please specify below” and write “Please see 7b)
Question 7b – Suggested response: How are you going to resource maternity services in the community? If you’re planning to rely on the recent National Maternity Review’s call for £3, 000 “personal care budgets” for all pregnant women – I disagree with this. It would lead to fewer services, privately provided, undermining the NHS principle of universal comprehensive care.

Question 8a – Tick: “Other, please specify” and under that, write: “I do not agree with your proposed change. ”
Question 8b – Tick: “None of these apply”.
Question 8c – How are you going to provide more paediatric services in the community, when GPs and community services are already overstretched and under funded? There are problems with depending on NHS 111 to determine whether children should go to urgent or emergency care.

How would you deal with Huddersfield families’ problems travelling to Halifax for emergency and inpatient paediatric care and to visit their children in hospital?

It’s not right that all under 5s in need of urgent or emergency treatment will have to go to Halifax (because under 5s won’t be treated in the Hudds urgent care centre.)

For Huddersfield children over 5, if they go to Huddersfield urgent care, who will make the decision that they need emergency admission or surgery? At the moment, this decision is made by surgeons on call from the A&E; but there will be no paediatric surgeons in Huddersfield, once paediatric inpatient and emergency services are centralised in Halifax. This means potential safety risks.

Question 9a – Tick: “Other, please specify” and under that, write: “I do not agree with your proposed change. ”
Question 9b – Tick: “None of these apply.” Write: I do NOT like this proposed change.
Question 9c – There’s no evidence that Care Closer to Home will provide the required standard of care – nor any reliable evidence that it will reduce acute and emergency hospital admissions. There could be some good things in these proposals, but how can they work when GPs are underfunded and struggling and you are making “efficiency” cuts? These proposals also depend on patients getting social care from the Councils, but these services are cash-strapped, means-tested and largely privatised. So the full range of community health services will no longer be available to everyone who needs them – only to those who can pay for them. The Local Medical Committees say GPs don’t support these proposals but they are going to have to make them work.

Question 10 – Tick Yes.  If you want to add a comment: We need evidence-based, comprehensive, universal, equitable and value-for-money health care. These proposals offer none of these things and there’s no certainty they will deliver safe, high quality patient care – or safe, fair working conditions for staff.

Question 11 – Please tell them your ideas for improving travel, transport & parking

Question 12 – Tick “disagree”. If you want to add a comment: The Consultation Document falsely claims that the proposals are high quality, safe, sustainable, affordable and would result in the best possible outcome and experience for patients. But the Clinical Senate can’t tell if the proposals would deliver the required standard of care. And the proposals leave the hospitals Trust with a deficit of £9.5m/year in 2020, accumulating to a £49.5m deficit in 2025. This means our hospitals’ future is insecure under these proposals.

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