Questions for hospital cuts consultation drop in at Lockwood Park, 9th June

There is an extra hospital cuts consultation drop in today at Lockwood.

Lockwood park drop in_n

There are still questions to ask that the CCGs haven’t answered. For example, On Care Closer to Home and finances.

Sustainability and Transformation Plan inflicts cuts

And there is also the bombshell that Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group has to cut £8.5m of NHS services this financial year, on the orders of NHS England. This is because under the controversial new Sustainability and Transformation Plan edict, Clinical Commissioning Groups have to make a 1% surplus this financial year and GH CCG isn’t going to be able to do it without making horrendous cuts.

Many of the likely cuts are in the area of Care Closer to Home. They include:

  • mental health, prescribing, community equipment, high-cost drugs, care home support and other areas.
  • the prevention and treatment of falls, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, heart disease and skin disease together with flu and pneumonia.

Please ask how these cuts are going to affect the plans for Care Closer to Home Phase 2 (ie the bit that hasn’t yet been implemented and that is being consulted on now as part of the so-called Right Care Right Time Right Place cuts and changes.

Care Closer to Home

How will Phase 2 Care Closer to Home services be delivered? Will there be another ‘competitive dialogue’ procurement for these services, like there was for the huge Phase 1 Care Closer to Home contract that went to Locala  – but that the hospitals Trust unsuccessfully appealed against?

Which organisation currently provides Therapies – speech and language, occupational and physio therapies?

How will it work to deliver these outpatient services in a community based setting?

How will the proposal work to deliver children’s services as primary/community based service, rather than as an acute- led hospital service?

How will the proposal work to deliver outpatient children’s therapies services in a community based setting?

Ditto for rehab bed days – how does the system work at the moment in hospital, and how will it work in a community setting rather than in hospital?

Is GH CCG planning to introduce job coaches into GP surgeries and/or community health care hubs?

Why hasn’t the CCG ballotted GPs to ask their views on the Right Care Right Time Right Place proposals, as part of the consultation?

What is the GH CCG primary care strategy and how were GPs who are not on the CCG Governing Body involved in developing it?

What does the Pre Consultation Business Case mean when it says it aims to enhance generalist and collaborative skills for the Trust’s workforce across primary and secondary care to support delivery of the Commissioners’ QIPP requirements?

Have the CCGs asked the Trust’s workforce what they think of this proposal?

We understand that under the new Care Closer to Home system, GPs will have a new title of consultant generalist and be supervising a less qualified team so the system will need fewer GPs. Is this right?

We understand that Care Closer to Home is about cutting costs – but if properly delivered, it would cost more to deliver than existing hospital-based care. So Care Closer to Home is planning to run on far fewer qualified doctors and nurses, replacing them with less qualified, new grades of staff like physician associates as well as unpaid family carers and voluntary sector organisations. This is what NHS England’s Five year Forward View calls a “modern workforce”. Please comment.

What is GH CCG doing about the GP crisis of underfunding and the cuts that GH GPs face?

How will GH CCG address the  risk   regarding primary care  ‘resistance and refusal to change’ highlighted  by  the  Clinical  Senate?

What is GH CCG doing to deal with the additional stress on local primary care systems that will result from proposed hospital service cuts?

What is GH CCG doing to deal with the  fact, noted by the Clinical Senate, that the link  between  the  community  services   and  the  primary  care  system  is  under-addressed  in  terms  of  relationships  and   interactions?

Your FAQs say: The proposed new model of care is supported by further strengthening and considerable investment in community services. – How much are you planning to invest in community services and where is the extra money coming from?


Do the financial calculations that project the hospitals Trust’s  deficit of £49.5m by 2025 include the repayment of the £490m loan that Monitor is seeking from the Treasury on behalf of the Trust?





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