Still no info about Kirklees patients’ actual ambulance journey times to proposed Halifax Emergency Centre

Calderdale and Kirklees Joint Health Scrutiny Committee heard yesterday (14 June) that the Clinical Commissioning Groups still haven’t produced actual ambulance journey times to Calderdale Royal Hospital A&E, from different places in Kirklees and Calderdale.

The public is rightly worried about increased distances to A&E for Kirklees patients, and increased distances to planned care for Calderdale patients, if the hospital cuts proposals go ahead. This was clear at the 6th June public consultation meeting in Huddersfield.

With just a few days left for public consultation, all the Clinical Commissioning Groups have come up with is misleading info about a 6 minute average increase in ambulance journey times across both Calderdale and Kirklees.

But the average increase for Kirklees patients would be 12 minutes, since ambulance journey times won’t change for Calderdale patients.

At the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee, for what seems like the nth time of asking, Cllr Andrew Marchington said,

“Can we have absolute travel times based on different locations in Calderdale & G H, to HRI and CRH? And can YAS provide info about how quickly they can get to people?”

No one could produce that information, although Calderdale CCG Chief Officer Matt Walsh said that new travel analysis work has been concluded. He continued:

“We’ll have to see if we can get data from that, it was about conveyance time, we would have to take the ambulance response time and add to that.”

Cllr Marchington also asked for absolute travel times for people accessing hospital by themselves, not by ambulance. For example, the total journey time for Calderdale people to access planned care in Huddersfield..

Matt Walsh said the CCGs were “revisiting patient travel times” and that work will be reporting in August.

Jen Mulcahy confirmed that they have been “refreshing work” in the old Jacobs Travel analysis and will report in August.

By which time the public consultation will be long gone. The deadline for responding to the consultation survey is June 21st.

The JHSC Chair Cllr Smaje said that the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee needs to take account of that in its timetable.

String Vest Award to Matt Walsh for best use of holes in a Joint Health Scrutiny Committee meeting.

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