Urgent letter to send your MP: Defend the NHS in the Weds 14th September Opposition Debate

Here is a template letter to send your MP, if they are a member of an opposition party (Green, Labour, LibDem, SNP, UKIP). It needs to go asap, before 14th September.

You can find your MP’s name and contact details here.

You can download the Word version of 7 Sept Opposition Debate_MPs letter template and then fill in the blanks and change as you see fit. Sorry, but I can’t seem to upload a .txt version.

Dear [insert your MP’s name]

On Wednesday 14th September, around 1pm, there will be an opposition debate on NHS cuts.  I am asking you, as my MP, to take part in the debate and to demand that Jeremy Hunt:

  • stops the Sustainability and Transformation Plans,
  • protects and reinstates full acute and emergency hospital services at district general hospitals,
  • protects other NHS services from cuts and privatisation.

These measures are necessary in order to make sure that the NHS is restored as a comprehensive health service that is equally available to all who have clinical needs for it.

44 area “footprint” “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”, being drawn up in conditions of secrecy imposed by NHS England, will accelerate NHS cuts and privatisation.

NHS Improvement has instructed NHS organisations to list services which could be axed or centralised, making “rapid progress” during the current financial year.

The secretive preparation of Sustainability and Transformation Plans, which have only come to light in the last few weeks, is an appalling abuse of our democratic rights and is being met with protests at local authorities’ Health and Wellbeing Boards, Clinical Commissioning Group meetings and the offices of NHS England – all organisations with a role in the development and implementation of Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

In our constituency, there are public campaigns to [insert what the campaigns are aiming to achieve].

This needs your support. Please show it, by telling Jeremy Hunt to stop his NHS cuts and privatisation policies, that are undermining, fragmenting and dismantling the NHS in our area.

Despite protests, campaigns and media coverage, many people still do not know
about these cuts and privatisations and the new, secretive Sustainability and Transformation Plans. By speaking out against them in the Opposition Day debate, you will help to increase the public’s awareness of them.

We urgently need to you to help get the information out there to the general public in this way –  as well as making sure Jeremy Hunt knows the damage his policies are causing. Only your effective opposition in the House of Commons, combined with mass public opposition, can stop and reverse the cuts and privatisations, stop the STPs and restore the NHS.

I call on you as my MP to commit to urgently support these local campaigns and protests in our constituency, and to oppose the STPs and NHS cuts and privatisation at every opportunity in the Houses of Parliament – including during the Opposition debate on Wednesday 14th September.

The worst Secretary of State for Health the country’s ever had is slashing the NHS to pieces and privatising it at an accelerating pace. Secretive Sustainability and Transformation Plans – which campaigners call Slash and Trash Plans, because that’s what they will do to the NHS – will mean the end of the NHS as a comprehensive service that is available to everyone who needs it.

One of the latest NHS cuts, as of August 2016 is the sudden restriction of A&E opening hours at Grantham Hospital – announced on the 11th August and carried out on the 17th August.

Grantham A&E is now only open from 9am to 6.30pm. In the evening and overnight, Grantham people who need emergency care have to travel 45 minutes to Lincoln A&E or 1 and a half hours to Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

Extra distance to A &E is associated with increased emergency patients’ death rates, as reliable studies have shown.

This is just the latest example of ruthless cuts to NHS services that threaten the safety and health of people in need of health care. That is all of us, at one time or another.

There are well over 50 non-party/cross-party groups campaigning across England to stop and reverse NHS cuts and privatisation and to stop the STPs. This is a national problem and it needs a national solution.

The Opposition Day debate on the 7th September is your chance to support your constituents in the House of Commons and bring the fight to save our NHS right where it belongs – to the worst Secretary of State in the history of the NHS.


[Give your name and postal address, MPs will only take notice of correspondence from their own constituents]

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