Stop Sustainability & Transformation Plans motion for any organisation or group

Please ask your organisation, community group, Trade Union or political party to adopt this motion to Stop NHS “Slash and Trash Plans” and protect and restore NHS services. You can download the motion here, to print and take to meetings.

Motion to stop the STPs,  protect and reinstate full acute and emergency hospital services at district general hospitals, and protect other NHS services from cuts and privatisation.

44 area “footprint” “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”, drawn up in conditions of secrecy imposed by NHS England, will accelerate NHS cuts and privatisation.

NHS Improvement has instructed NHS organisations to list services which could be axed or centralised, making “rapid progress” during the current financial year.

There is already a host of local campaigns across England to protect and reinstate full acute and emergency services at district general hospitals, and to protect other NHS services from cuts and privatisation.

Some of the most recent are Banbury Horton consultant-led maternity service, which closed  on October 1st and Dewsbury District Hospital’s   consultant-led maternity service, which closed on 16 September. At the same time, Dewsbury District Hospital restricted opening hours for its children’s assessment unit.

These are just a foretaste of the cuts that will be driven by the secretively prepared Sustainability and Transformation Plans, which have only come to light in the last few weeks and were sent to NHS England on 31st October, with no scrutiny or proper involvement of patients, the public, NHS staff and politicians.

This secrecy is an appalling abuse of our democratic rights and is being met with protests at local authorities’ Health and Wellbeing Boards, Clinical Commissioning Group meetings and the offices of NHS England – all organisations with a role in the development and implementation of Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

[Insert name of your organisation, community group, Trade Union or political party to adopt this motion] commits to urgently supporting these local campaigns and protests, and to opposing the STPs and NHS cuts and privatisation in the Houses of Parliament, local authorities and Trades Unions.


The worst Secretary of State for Health the country’s ever had is slashing the NHS to pieces and privatising it at an accelerating pace. Secretive Sustainability and Transformation Plans – which campaigners call Slash and Trash Plans, because that’s what they will do to the NHS – will mean the end of the NHS as a comprehensive service that is available to everyone who needs it.

The latest NHS cut as of August 2016 was the sudden restriction of A&E opening hours at Grantham Hospital – announced on the 11th August and carried out on the 17th August.

Grantham A&E is now only open from 9am to 6.30pm. In the evening and overnight, Grantham people who need emergency care have to travel 45 minutes to Lincoln A&E or 1 and a half hours to Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.

Extra distance to A &E is association with increased emergency patients’ death rates, as reliable studies have shown. This is unsafe and unfair.

This is just the latest example of ruthless cuts to NHS services that threaten the safety and health of people in need of health care. That is all of us, at one time or another.

There are well over 50 non-party/cross-party groups campaigning across England to stop and reverse NHS cuts and privatisation and to stop the STPs. An indicative list of these campaigns is attached.

They need support from your organisation. This motion speaks directly to the needs of the general population.

This motion is to commit your organisation to urgently support local no-party/cross party campaigns and protests and to take action in Parliament, Councils and Trades Unions to oppose Sustainability and Transformation Plans and fight to protect and restore the NHS.

Apart from NHS patients and their families and friends and NHS staff, people generally still do not know about these cuts and privatisations and the Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

We urgently need to get the information out there to the general public and to the politicians who are meant to represent us –  because only mass public opposition can stop and reverse the cuts and privatisations, stop the Sustainability and Transformation Plans and restore the NHS.


    • Sorry, somehow it didn’t save when I uploaded it last night. I have re-posted it and it has saved now and you should be able to see it. Thanks for letting us know it wasn’t there!


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