Huddersfield GPs to vote on motion of no confidence in Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group

Update 13 November 2016 – The Huddersfield Examiner has reported that Huddersfield GPs have decided not to pursue a vote of no confidence in the Clinical Commissioning Group. This followed a meeting between representatives of the Local Medical Committee and the CCG.

At its October 31st meeting Huddersfield Local Medical Committee (LMC), a group that represents GPs in the area, decided to ask its GP members to approve an Exceptional General Meeting in order to pursue a vote of no confidence in Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group (GHCCG).

The Clinical Commissioning Group is a membership organisation, accountable to their member GP practices. A vote of no confidence by a majority of its member GP practices is uncharted territory. Since they haven’t taken any notice of the public rejection of their so-called Right Care Right Time Right Place hospital cuts and HRI A&E closure, will they take any notice of an LMC vote of no  confidence, if it happens?

I have asked Huddersfield LMC for info about the practical effect on the Clinical Commissioning Group, if any, of a vote of no confidence but have not yet heard back. Is there anything in the CCG Constitution about what happens in such a case?

A Calderdale Councillor says the Council scrutiny officers don’t know – although you’d think they have the resources to find out.

The LMC say they believe that the need for effective, safe, high quality health care is paramount but this is not currently being supported by the Greater Huddersfield CCG’s hospital cuts proposals known as Right Care, Right Time, Right Place, that was rejected by majority of the public who took part in a 14 week consultation earlier this year.

Despite this public rejection, Greater Huddersfield and Calderdale CCGs decided on 20th October to proceed to a full business case for the Right Care Right Time Right Place proposals.

Huddersfield LMC say that in making this decision, GH CCG have not upheld their constitution, as updated on 5th Sept 2016, but have abandoned their their mission statement and values, particularly the following commitments – that GHCCG will:

  • drive improvements in healthcare services through leadership, innovation and excellence, informed by our local population and clinicians
  • promote good governance and proper stewardship of public resources in pursuance of its goals and in meeting its statutory duties
  • listen to health professionals, local people and those who support the Group in
    commissioning high quality healthcare in the most appropriate setting.
  • Learn from other Clinical Commissioning Groups, service providers, the local
    authority and NHS England to inform a strategic long term vision for change.
    Lead through enthusiasm and cohesiveness to reduce health inequalities in
    Greater Huddersfield.
  • Enable local people and clinicians to transform and improve the health and
    healthcare of the population of Greater Huddersfield

Huddersfield LMC points out that the CCG have ignored the views of the public consultation, the Joint Councils Scrutiny and the Local Medical Committee statements rejecting the single proposal for the Right Care Right Time Right Place scheme that was put forward for public consultation.

They have been disappointed by the unwillingness of the CCG Board to pause and explore alternative solutions and to produce a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) which is more in line with the government’s own guidelines.

(Although this latter point seems a bit weird to me because from what we know of the Kirklees Sustainability and Transformation Plan it is totally in line with the government’s guidelines and anyway, with this government who would want to follow their NHS slash, trash and privatise guidelines?)

They say they are dismayed by the lack of progress in developing a robust and integrated Primary Care Strategy that makes use of the investment opportunities afforded by the GP Forward View.

They also believe that the Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust have been complicit in providing only one proposal despite the total impracticality of developing the Calderdale Royal Hospital site as a major accident unit sited so far away from the bulk of the population and major road networks.

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