3rd December Stop the Secret Theft Plans Day of Action – in Halifax and across the country

Many, many thanks to all of you who have written to councillors to request the Sustainability and Transformation Plans and appendices be published on the Council websites.

And who have signed the petition to Stop the Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Sustainability and Transformation Plan Leaders are putting up a lot of resistance to publishing the financial, activity,  workforce and other appendices and  Freedom of Information requests have been rejected.

The abandonment of democratic accountability to the public is obvious.

Another template email to Councillors will be downloadable shortly.

And the public need to know.

So let’s organise a get together in a public place for an hour and give out leaflets to passers by on the  Local-National Day of Action, 3 December 2016, from 10am or whatever time best suits you. This is only a few days before the signing of the 2 year Sustainability and Transformation Plan operational contracts that is due to happen by the 23 December deadline.

Stop STPS protest outside Calderdale Royal Hospital

For people in Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield, there will be a follow up in Halifax to the recent Huddersfield Stop STPs protest . This will take place at 11.30am, 3rd December, outside the main entrance to Calderdale Royal Hospital, Salterhebble, Halifax, HX3 0PW

Organise your own DIY StopSTPs protest

Choose a place, maybe a hospital threatened with closure, maybe in the town, invite some friends, make some #stoptheSTP placards, print a few leaflets and that’s it. Ideas and downloadable pictures are available on StopThe STPs website .

Please see the facebook event, here and post info about your StopSTPs protest on 3rd December.

There is no need to underfund the NHS, it is a political choice. We are the 6th richest country in the world, yet we already have fewer hospital beds per 1000 population than all the EU counties bar one!

Share the message

Share the facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/1016971921782232/

STPs info for  a leaflet:-


Secret Theft Plans, as campaigners are calling them, require:

  • At least £22bn of cuts to services, based on current need projected forward, by 2020/21
  • Abandonment of the core NHS principle and practice of providing appropriate treatments, based on clinical need, to everyone who walks through the door
  • Restriction and withdrawal of services/treatments, mainly elective services and drugs/specialised foods/drinks
  • Replacement of the current doctor-patient person-centred relationship by “managed care pathways” that dictate what treatments a doctor must follow and which patients they can treat
  • Imposition of “new care models” based on American private health care systems,
  • A massive step change in increased NHS privatisation, through the creation of public-private partnerships to run 50% of England’s NHS and social care services by 2020/21
  • Big changes to governance and commissioning, that will cost a lot of money spent on consultancy companies and some of which are not currently legal
  • Workforce upheaval to introduce new low-skilled, unregistered grades of staff, a huge reliance on voluntary sector workers and volunteers, and the transfer of hospital staff into the community – where the work requires very different skills
  • Patients’ self care – to cut £1m costs (West Yorks STP)
  • 7 day working – with no attempt made to address all the unresolved issues about this
  • Behaviour change programmes for people who are obese, smoke, have alcohol abuse problems or are at risk of diabetes (that ignore the social, economic and environmental determinants of these health problems)
  • Lots of digitech
  • Reconfiguration of acute hospital services – ie A&E – mostly only vaguely referred to but cut to the number of hyperacute hospitals that is referred to as centralisation.
  • Reconfiguration of GP and community health services despite NO evidence that this is going to be clinically effective OR cut costs as required.


Anyone and everyone can do it!

Chrissy P had never done anything like a rally before, but gave it her best and created a huge success.

Thanks for all you do.

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