Please email Councillors to get missing bits of Secret Theft Plan & to set up footprint- wide Scrutiny Committee

Here is an email to send your Councillors. You can find their names and contact details here .

There is a downloadable copy  here that you can use and adapt as you see fit.

Obviously, if you didn’t email your Councillors about publishing the Secret Theft Plan, just take that bit out. You could replace that bit with something like: “As you will know, the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Plan was published on November 8th. According to NHS England’s instructions….”

Dear Councillor,

Some time ago, I emailed you asking you to urge the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Council Leaders to publish the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

The STP has now been published. According to NHS England’s instructions (P21) it is the Final STP Delivery Plan, which:

“will form the starting point for two-year, organisation level operating plans for 2017/18 and 2018/19, with collaborative actions across local health economies supported where appropriate by system control totals.”

The deadline for signing these two year contracts is 23 December 2016.

Despite this, it seems that the published version is not the complete version. It lacks any appendices with detailed information about:

  • Finances.
  • Workforce.
  • The move to turn the Alliance of Acute Hospitals into a foundation group and what that will mean for the reconfiguration of acute hospitals across the region
  • How and when the big changes to NHS governance and commissioning are intended to take place and how and whether the proposed establishment of accountable care organisations or systems is likely to conflict with current legislation governing NHS governance and commissioning, and if so, how that is going to be dealt with.

I therefore am asking you to use your powers to make sure that publication takes place swiftly,  of all the missing appendices and any other related documents covering these and other topics that have been sent to NHS England along with the published STP.

Further, since the West Yorkshire and Harrogate STP would have a significant effect on the area’s NHS and social care, please will you demand that a footprint – wide Joint Health Scrutiny Committee is immediately set up and that it sets about the task of scrutinising the STP at once.

The Harrogate Advertiser reports that the N Yorks Health Scrutiny Committee is not happy about the WY & Harrogate STP but has no means to scrutinise it alongside the other Councils that are affected by it, since the Joint Health Scrutiny Committees are not coterminous with the STP footprint. This is clearly daft.

I hope you will take it upon yourself to protect the NHS and social care in our area by making sure that ALL the STP information that has gone to NHS England is published without delay, and that a footprint-wide West Yorks and Harrogate Joint Health Scrutiny Committee is set up now and starts its work of scrutinising the STP without delay.

Kind regards.

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