Secret Theft Plans Consultation! Give NHS Destroyers a piece of your mind at Kings Fund STP Conference, Leeds, 1 Dec

If you want to take part in a Secret Theft Plan public consultation outside the Kings Fund STP Conference in Leeds, 1st December, please come along.

The Kings Fund is holding a conference on Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) – From planning to implementation, in Leeds on 1 Dec 2016.

The Conference is from 8.30am-4.40pm, Horizon Leeds, Kendall Street, Leeds LS10 1JR

NHS England and NHS Improvement head honchos will be there, so we can let them know what we think of their Slash Trash and Privatise plans for our NHS.

The Kings Fund STPs conference is sponsored by Orion Health, 3M and Philips which tells you that companies think they stand to make money out of the STPs.


Secret Theft Plan leaders claim that they want a public consultation- so Health Campaigns Together are urging the public of West Yorkshire to give the STP  partners a piece of our mind  on the 1st December in Leeds.

The Health Campaigns Together lobby is from 12.00-2.00pm  but some of us will also get there earlier to leaflet the NHS destroyers as they go in first thing, around 8am.

Please let STP Agony Aunt know if you are joining us, either by commenting on this blog post or emailing Or just turn up.

If you can’t attend, please retweet the action from #stopSTPs

You can find out more about the Secret Theft Plans and how to stop them at StopTheSTPS website and on the Stop  TheSustainability and Transformation Plans facebook page.

There is also a lot of info about  Secret Theft Plans on this blog – just go to the home page and you will see.

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