#Calderdale & Greater #Huddersfield NHS Commissioners turn their patronising bullsh*t onto Joint Health Scrutiny Committee

Today Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Groups sent “key stakeholders” “In Brief 1” – an update on their hospital cuts plans plus a smidgeon of info about the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Secret Theft Plan.

The briefing announces that the Clinical Commissioning Groups are working through the steps needed to develop the Full Business Case for the hospital cuts, that include closure of Huddersfield acute and emergency services.

They are still scoping the Full Business Case and aim to complete it by summer 2017.

Jaw droppingly,  it patronisingly dismisses the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee’s initiation of the reconciliation process at their 16th November meeting (to try and resolve the disagreements between Councillors and the Clinical Commissioning Groups) as nothing more than Councillors’:

“difficulty in managing the politics of change when faced with such strength of feeling and passion for our NHS…”

It goes on,

“…however we all agree that no change is not an option. That has been clearly demonstrated in the consultation findings and the recommendations made by JHSC.”

Either they are taking the JHSC for a ride or they assume that the JHSC is just going through the motions, as a way to “manage the politics of change.”

Either way doesn’t look good.

There is also a bit of nonsense about how everyone will be engaged with concerning the WY & Harrogate STP and all feedback taken into account before any more work is done on it.

As if – the deadline for signing the operational 2017-19 STP plans/contracts is 23rd December.

You can download “In Brief 1” here, if you can face it.


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