West Yorkshire & Harrogate “footprint” Scrutiny Committee to discuss Secret Theft Plan in a couple of months

The West Yorkshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee met on 18th November to

“consider a  report from the Head of Governance Services introducing the draft West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Plan.”

(Although according to NHS England guidance it is not a draft, it is the final STP for delivery of the plan.)

The meeting

“resolved that a more detailed forward plan around key milestones within the STP be presented to the next meeting of the Joint Committee for discussion.”

The meeting will be at 10.00am on Monday 23rd January in the Civic Hall which is opposite the main entrance of Leeds Royal Infirmary.

Papers will be on the Leeds.gov website a few days before.

It is a pity that we didn’t have scores of Stop STP protesters  as they did at the Wirral Scrutiny Committee  and in Bristol , where every councillor who spoke at the  1Dec joint scrutiny committee meeting criticised the Bristol North Somerset South Gloucester STP. There was No support!

A strong Stop STPs presence could have changed the outcome of the meeting.

But somehow, despite the meeting being mentioned at the 9 Nov Kirklees Council meeting  (STP bit starts at 1 hour 56 minutes), it escaped our notice. Ah well. Spilt milk.

The Calderdale Councillors on the West Yorks Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee are Cllr Chris Pearson and Cllr Marilyn Greenwood. The Kirklees Councillors are Cllrs Judith Hughes and Liz Smaje.

Cllr Pearson sent his apologies and a substitute, Cllr Stephen Baines.

These are the minutes:

The key areas of discussion were:

  • The Joint Committee expressed significant concern regarding the development of the West Yorkshire STP and the lack of engagement with elected members and public throughout the process.
  • It was suggested the West Yorkshire STP have in place two communication plans, one focusing on cross county services and the other for local areas.
  • The need for clarification regarding the governance arrangements of the West Yorkshire STP and the six supporting plans.
  • Concerns regarding decision-making processes for cross cutting West Yorkshire and Harrogate matters.
  • The need for member representatives from Harrogate to be invited to attend future meetings of the Joint Committee.
  • It was suggested that a more detailed timetable of proposed changes within the STP be used to develop and set out a draft programme of scrutiny involvement / activity on a West Yorkshire and Harrogate basis.
  • The legal obligations and responsibilities around proposed variations/ development of local health services and the involvement of Health Overview and Scrutiny Committees.

RESOLVED – That a more detailed forward plan around key milestones within the STP be presented to the next meeting of the Joint Committee for discussion.

(Councillor Hughes (Kirklees Council) joined the meeting at 1:55pm during consideration of this item.)

Meeting attendance

Councillor Stephen Baines, Committee Member. Present as substitute

Councillor Yvonne Crewe, Committee Member Present

Councillor Billy Flynn Committee Member Present

Councillor Mike Gibbons Committee Member Present

Councillor Marilyn Greenwood Committee Member Present

Councillor Vanda Greenwood Committee Member Present

Councillor Peter Gruen Chair Present

Councillor Judith Hughes Committee Member Present

Councillor Chris Pearson Committee Member, Apologies, sent representative. Substituted by Councillor Stephen Baines

Councillor Betty Rhodes Committee Member Present

Councillor Liz Smaje Committee Member Present

These were in attendance for discussion of the item:
·  Ian Holmes, Programme Director, West Yorkshire and Harrogate, STP
·  Helen Hirst (Bradford Airedale and Craven CCGs)

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