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Stop NHS Secret Theft Plans Before They Destroy the NHS!


So-called Sustainability & Transformation Plans are the biggest attack on the NHS that the public – and most NHS staff- have never heard of.

Sustainability & Transformation Plans aim to strip around £25.5bn spending out of the NHS in England, that would be needed to maintain the current level of provision up to 2020/21.  You can check the figure for your STP “footprint” here

One of the ways Sustainability & Transformation Plans aim to cut costs is by violating the core NHS principle that treatments are freely and equally available to all who have a clinical need for them.

Sustainability & Transformation Plans divide patients into “deserving” and “ undeserving” ill – they  introduce conditionality on access to many elective services by imposing behaviour change programmes on patients with long term conditions that are largely triggered and/or worsened by poverty and deprivation and therefore outside their control.

2017-2019 operational Sustainability and Transformation Plans plans are due to be signed off on 23rd December

Please do whatever you can, wherever you are, to tell the public and NHS staff about what these Plans mean for the NHS – because the powers that be are doing everything they can to keep them secret.

Because if people knew about them, there would be an uproar.

What can we do to stop them?

Join protests and lobbies of Council and NHS Commissioning Group meetings, write to your Councillors, MP and local newspapers. Tell your friends, family and people you work with. You can find Stop STP campaign materials and information  here:
Website: Facebook: Stop the Sustainability and Transformation Plans. Twitter: @STPAgonyAunt. Email

You can download this blog post as an A5 leaflet to print and hand out at street stalls, rallies, meetings etc.

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