What Health & Wellbeing Boards can do about STP two year operational Plans (deadline 23rd December)

This info has been extracted from the Leeds CCG report to 24 Nov 2016 Leeds HWB Board

It includes info about the duties and powers of Health & Wellbeing Boards in relation to the 2 year operational plans that underpin the STPs. People have been asking about this, so hope it helps.

All NHS organisations are required to submit Operational Plans to NHS England by 23rd December 2016.

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Operational Plans are required to cover a two year period from 2017-2019 and to detail how CCGs will deliver 9 key ‘Must Do’ priorities that underpin the delivery of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and a range of key national priorities and strategies.

CCG Operational Plans must describe how they will invest and disinvest in
services and initiatives to support the STP in addressing the identified financial gap,  whilst continuing to meet 9 national ‘Must do’ priorities.

Unlike in previous years, all NHS partners will be held accountable for delivering agreed  financial ‘control totals’ across all partners (i.e. if providers are in ‘deficit’ and not meeting their ‘control totals’ this will be seen as a failure on all NHS organisations in the system).

Operational Plans are required to be submitted in draft on 24th November 2016 with a final version due on 23rd December 2016.

Health & Wellbeing Boards get to:

  • Provide an opinion on whether the available information for the CCG Operational Plans 2017-19 takes proper account of the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-21
  • Comment on the requirements on CCGs for the development of the CCGs’ Operational Plans 2017-19 and their complementary relationship to the Council Plan and the Footprint Sustainability and Transformation Plans
  • Note timescales for completion of plans and proposed process for sign off
  • Agree proposed approach to engagement of Health and Wellbeing Board in review of CCG Operational Plans 2017-19

The Leeds CCG report to 24 Nov 2016 Leeds HWB Board says that consultation and engagement is not required for the report on the CCGs 2 year operational plans, because it provides information about national planning requirements.

However,  aren’t CCGs supposed to consult on their commissioning proposals? And there is a strong public interest argument against going ahead with the 2 year operational STP plans without consultation.

You can find a summary of the NHS planning guidance and NHS England submission requirements here .(Scroll down to section: Summary of the NHS planning guidance and NHS England submission requirements)

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