Please sign this petition of No Confidence in NHS England and tell your MP

Please sign and share  this petition “Vote of NO CONFIDENCE in NHS ENGLAND”

Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS campaigner Chrissie Parker recently sent the Chair of the NHS England Board an open letter, signed by 83 campaign groups and over 1000 people, telling the Chair and Members of the NHS England Board to resign now before they totally destroy our NHS.

This was after NHS England staff at Quarry House in Leeds refused to accept the letter from campaigners at the Howl! to Stop the STP contracts sign off protest on 23rd December.

Contentious NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plan contracts for 2017-19, signed on 23rd December 2016,  will see at least £22Billion of Government cuts from English Health & Social Care Services by 2020/21, compared with what would have been spent if there were not this funding shortfall.

We support this petition. Please sign it and email your MP to tell them you’ve done so, and why.

You can find your MP’s contact details here – if you write them a letter they have to reply to you. If you send an email, make sure to include your postal address so they know they are your MP. But they don’t have to reply to emails and many MPs don’t.

Here is the petition to sign and share.


  1. This is our NHS not yours to destroy. Our ancestors worked for a better future for everyone regardless of ability, wealth or connections. It’s staying you need to leave.


  2. Ironically the NHS progressively is heading towards those that can afford, will be forced into paying for any hospital stays and many health treatments. Similar to having to pay for prescriptions as things stand. This is being brought into being by a Tory government and it is their supporters who will be losing out.


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