Situations Vacant for one morning only: NHS DETECTIVES

Are you a budding NHS Detective? CK999 NHS Detectives would like your help on Saturday 29th April, as we charge the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group and Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group with the ATTEMPTED MURDER OF OUR NHS, and ask: GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY?

Forensic Suits not Required, but would be nice. They cost about £3.50 in the Industrial Superstore Huddersfield, Screwfix, or B&Q.

Be a DCI in the NHS Detectives for  30 mins (x 2 if you have the time & energy). Please add your name in the comments box below or email STP Agony Aunt.

Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 14.58.54

This is a bit of street theatre, like we’ve done before in Leeds,  first at the BBC Leeds Howl and then at the NHS March earlier this month.

This time, it’s to launch the 999 Call for the NHS legal challenge to a key feature of Sustainability and Transformation Plans, that Leigh Day is now initiating. More details will be available shortly…

On Saturday 29th April, NHS Detectives will bring these charges relating to the ATTEMPTED MURDER OF OUR NHS and ask: GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY?

Clinical Commissioning Groups are introducing new fixed, pre-set NHS and social care budgets to cover an area’s population in so-called Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships. These new block contracts are geared to privatisation and insurance funding. They prevent flexible responses to need, as we are used to in the NHS.

Top-up payments and insurance will become essential but only the relatively wealthy and healthy will be able to afford them. The rest of us will have a second class public safety net as in the USA.

An accountant will stand between a patient and their doctor: dictating what care the doctor can provide for specific conditions, and whether or not they can offer it to us, on the basis of whether our treatment will give a good return on investment.

ACOs putting profit between you and your health

The organisation that holds these block contracts – an Accountable Care Organisation -will instruct your doctor to deny care to growing numbers of patients, and you may well be one of them. This is already happening. It will get much worse once these fixed pre-set budgets are in place.

This will decisively end the NHS as a comprehensive service equally accessible to all who have a clinical need for health care.

It will open the NHS and social care even wider to privatisation and corporate control, increasing costs, extracting profits and worsening working terms and conditions for staff.

The end of fair and equal health care for all will tear apart the social fabric of our country.

NHS Detectivesx3_n

We have a simple script, so if you are up for it on 29th April, please let us know asap and say if you would like to be either a goody  (NHS, NHS Detective or doctor)  or  a baddy  (STP Leader, CCG Chair, Richard Branson, NHS Improvement Finance guy). We will then send you the brief script so you can see what your role involves.

It’s simple and a bit slapstick. No one will be harmed in the making of this street theatre.

Huddersfield March for Our NHS

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