Locala turfs patients out of Holme Valley Hospital intermediate care ward

CK999 have heard that Locala have closed the intermediate care ward at Holme Valley Memorial hospital, and that Locala say it’s staffing problems – but staff tell a different story: that there were 2 patients and 4 staff.

Staff say it will not reopen. Holme Valley are struggling with insufficient district nurses and are now telling patients to make their own way to the walk in Centre at Dewsbury. Locala are now admitting they can’t recruit enough staff.

In Dec 2016, after a visit by the Care Quality Commission, we heard that patients were being moved out of Holme Valley Memorial hospital. Someone commented that the nurses were looking more ‘glum’ than usual, but we were unable to find out  what was happening.

There is still no sign of the Care Quality Commission report.

Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, Holmfirth is managed by Locala Community Partnerships who provide NHS community services. The hospital has a Day Surgery Unit, which provides services such as podiatry and neurology, a Medical Rehabilitation Ward and Dental Services.

The West Yorkshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan is giving Locala as an example of how the plan to “give people control” of managing their long term illnesses is going to work. The Plan says Locala has trained over 1000 staff to use behaviour change and health coaching techniques to help people manage their own care.

If any reader of this blog – patient or staff – has experience of this “self care”,  ck999 would be interested in hearing how this works,

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