June 14th York demo – Simon Stevens, bog off

Please come to the Ron Cooke Hub at the East Campus of York University (off the Hull Road – A64) at 12.30pm on Wedsnesday 14th June, with placards, banners and voices to loudly proclaim that Simon Stevens, the Conservative government’s stooge who runs the NHS England quango, must stop dismantling the NHS RIGHT NOW.

Simon Stevens Aging populations_with source

Simon Stevens, also a World Economic Forum stooge who is carrying out their corporate plans to sell off the NHS, is speaking at York University’s Festival of Ideas (lol) at 1pm. You can get free tickets here, to go to the lecture and ask pointed questions.

Like, why is he splitting our national service into 44 local services providing a restricted range of services within tightly fixed budgets?

Update: You can download our notes of Simon Stevens’ Q&A session here.

We know it is about imposing an American-style Accountable Care Organisation system – whereby a fixed and restricted range of services is made available within a fixed budget for an area’s population. Once they have imposed the budgets and the restricted range of available health services in each area, we will gradually move towards co-payments, insurance funding and takeover by the private sector as envisaged in the 2012 World Economic Forum reports that Simon Stevens helped produce. In addition, the restricted range of available NHS services will create a substantial private healthcare market.

NHS hospitals will increasingly merge and/or close, to be replaced by cheaper, community based polyclinics with less qualified staff. McKinsey – who wrote the Five Year Forward View with Simon Stevens – will continue to control (and profit from) the overall process. Enforced implementation of the Naylor report will result in massive sales of NHS land – the profits from which will help to pay the hedge fund loans which will be used to build and develop the polyclinics.

Watch out for this in the soon-to-be-published Full Business Case for knocking down Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and replacing it with a planned care clinic/polyclinic with an urgent care centre, while transferring all acute and emergency patients and all in patient children’s services to Calderdale Royal Hospital.

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