Calling all singers who want to defend the NHS

Calling all singers who want to defend the NHS

Thanks to Frances, from the Leeds choir who sang so beautifully at the Leeds NHS rally on Saturday 14th April, for putting out this call on behalf of 999 Call for the NHS. Some of the choir will be singing at the #Justice4NHS Judicial Review Rally outside Leeds High Court on Tuesday 24th April and they are putting out a call for any other singers who would like to join them.
Singers are wanted at this Rally on 24th April gathering at 9am outside the High Court in Leeds – 1 Oxford Row, LS1 3BG.
Campaigners are taking NHS England to court because they believe their new Accountable Care Organisation contract is unlawful. It would restrict access to treatment and threaten patient safety.
We will be singing ‘Bread and Roses’ (the version sung in the film ‘Pride’) – you will find learning files and a score on this web-site
Please wear yellow or pink or both.
Please pass on to any other protesting singers you know.

One comment

  1. I wrote a protest song a year or so ago. The first NHS cut is the deepest.

    I don’t think realistically i’d be able to make this, however any musicians attending the event are more than welcome to use it.


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