Huddersfield Trades Council May Day rally

Around 50 people attended the Huddersfield Trades Council May Day Rally at Market Cross. CK999 member (and Colne Green Party member) Chrissie Parker reports.

I spoke to Bob the Trades Council organiser and said after all his hard work I was disheartened there wasn’t  more there, as there were a few hundred last year.  There was no March around the town as last year they had to pay £2.5k, I suspect that was for police and security closing roads etc.

Charlie and I dished out about 300 plus #NHS4All leaflets and 999 Call for the NHS Councillors’ Rough Guide to Accountable/Integrated Care Systems while the speeches were on.

One older chap thought the NHS should be private as he was sick of waiting rooms full of immigrants, interesting conversation I was very polite but he would not have it that the NHS would fall apart without staff from other countries,  he refused to believe me when I said Health insurance for someone his age would be in the region of £154pm, and would not cover pre-existing conditions.

I met a nice chap in a wheelchair and homeless,  he used to earn £40k pa,  something to do with IT,  then he was in a car accident in hospital for a long time, his wife left him when she realised he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, lost his house and now on the streets,  he showed me his leg, some sort of vascular problem,  red raw and no skin in places, he said he would be lost without HRI etc.   He wants to let people know what HRI / NHS means to homeless people.  He has been robbed while asleep. He left me his phone no and said if we ever needed someone to talk about homeless and HRI he would happily do that.

Nell Griffiths, the new Labour councillor for Colne Valley who  removed Nicola Turner ( Lib Dem)  was there. Nell is national KONP and Huddersfield KONP and she is brilliant, she said send me any info and I left her one of each of the leaflets I had: the Accountable Care Duck post card, Councillors’ Rough guide and NHS4ALL.

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