Is ULHT misleading the public about plans to remove Grantham Hospital’s orthopaedic trauma services?

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) appears to be misleading the public about plans to remove orthopaedic trauma  from Grantham Hospital in a six month “trial” starting in August – which would effectively mean the end of accident and emergency services there, say consultants.

In a public document ULHT says one thing, but a staff document seems to say another

The public document, “Orthpoedic and trauma services – improving care for patients”, presented at ULHT Member’s Forum on Monday 14th of May at Sleaford Rugby Club, says (slide 5, Proposed model) “Trauma remains at Grantham, Pilgrim and Lincoln”.

Slide 6 of the public document refers to a proposal on a six month trial of the proposed model.

The leaked staff document – also called “Orthpoedic and trauma services – improving care for patients”  – includes a slide showing the six month trial of the proposed model.

This trial – due to start in August – seems to remove many trauma services from Grantham A&E. It will leave Speciality Emergency Department Support, walk in trauma, trauma triage and EMAS trauma TBA (which I think means To Be Arranged).

Grantham Trauma Assessment Unit, Fractured Neck of Femur and Consultant on call out of hours rota are all removed from the proposed 6 month trial of the new proposed model.

It is absolutely wrong of ULHT to withhold reconfiguration information from the public

ULHT Trauma and orthopaedic consultants at Grantham Hospital have written to the Dr Neill Hepburn, ULHT Medical Director and to Dr Mark Brassington, ULHt Chief Operating Officer about the need to keep orthopaedic trauma services at Grantham.

In a letter to Dr Neill Hepburn following their Medical Advisory Committee meeting on 10th April, which ULHT executive team members failed to attend, the consultants wrote,

“We as a consultant body are unanimously agreed that it would be unsafe to remove the orthopoedic trauma service from Grantham and will not support this…

We strongly feel that such a major service reconfiguration cannot be imposed on the people of Grantham under the guide of a ‘pilot’ as this would appear to be a disingenuous ruse to avoid the need for an open and transparent public consultation about the proposed redesign of services…we will not accept its imposition without due process being followed.”

In an earlier letter to Dr Mark Brassington, the consultants wrote,

“With the major service changes proposed…we believe that withdrawing the trauma service from Grantham is completely unsafe, unless it is also explicitly and formally disclosed to the local community and commissioning groups that this will also effectively mean the loss of an accident and emergency service at the Grantham site. Its name would need to be changed and all local signage changed to avoid misleading the public of what services can be delivered.”

ULHT’s leaked staff document says the proposed model needs to be agreed by the Trust Board this month.

Before the meeting, please ask your MPs, Councillors and ULHT members to find out NOW exactly what the facts are and why there is an apparent discrepancy between the public and staff documents.

Public attendance at the Trust Board meeting is also a Good Idea.


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