Invitation to Bigwigs Welcome Party at STP meeting in Liverpool, 11.30am, 4th July

Wirral Defend Our NHS and others invite all and sundry to welcome Bigwigs Andrew Gibson, Mel Pickup and Michael Macdonell (NHS England National Director in charge of catalysing integrated care, according to his twitter account), at the Lace Centre, L17 1AA, from 11.30 am on 4th July.

These architects of the destruction of a NATIONAL Health Service are in LIVERPOOL on 4th July to plan some more nonsense at the Board meeting of  Cheshire and Merseyside Sustainability and Transformation Partnership – aka Health and Care partnership – aka Integrated Care System.

The ultimate hypocrisy: on the day before the NHS’s 70th birthday, another item on the agenda is ‘coffee break and celebrating the NHS at 70’.

Michael Macdonnell is to speak about the future for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Cheshire and Merseyside in the national context.

Doubtless his vision of the future and the national context is shaped by his position in the Darzi coterie, that recently set out plans for the NHS in the 2020s in the Darzi/ Institute of Public Policy Research Report .

This extols Accountable Care – clearly seen as a means of increasing corporate profits in the lifesciences and digitech sectors.  The aim is to cut the labour costs of healthcare by a combination of making patients care for themselves and systematically replacing skilled, qualified staff with capital in the shape of big pharma, biomedical/life sciences and digitech products.

A former director of the World Innovation Summit for Health and now an NHS England National Director, Michael Macdonnell notoriously announced to the Health Services Journal, when STPs were being set up, that:

“they offer private sector organisations an enormous opportunity.”

Andrew Gibson is a partner in the business Gibson Freake Edge (which makes a fortune from Sustainability and Transformation Plan consultancy); he’s also the so-called “independent” chair of the Cheshire and Merseyside STP.  In that role, he is employed 2 days a week as an independent consultant by Cheshire and Merseyside Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, via Gibson Freake Edge – ie the NHS is paying Gibson Freake Edge for his time.

This information was unearthed from NHS England by a Tory Wirral Councillor, in response to a request from one of his constituents (a DONHS member), following concerns about the issue of Mr Gibson’s potential conflict of interest as both a partner in Gibson Freake Edge and the ‘independent’ chair of Cheshire and Merseyside Sustainability and Transformation Partnership.

How much is this costing the Cheshire and Merseyside Sustainability and Transformation Partnership/NHS? It seems Mr Gibson’s salary as Independent chair is £150K/year. What are the terms of the contract? Was this a public procurement?

Ms Pickup is the STP lead and “owner” of the Cheshire and Merseyside Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Business Plan 2018-19 .

This (embellished) graphic, below, from the Business Plan 2018-19 shows the imminent imposition of  3 levels of integrated care systems (formerly known as Accountable Care Systems but rebranded by NHS England to avoid the pesky American connotations):

  • one Integrated Care System for the whole STP area,
  • “place” Integrated Care Partnerships in local authority areas, with a devolved Integrated Care Organisation budget, and
  • “locality” integrated care systems based on large scale primary care practices serving between 30K-70K patients. This will totally change the relationship between patients and clinicians.

The theory is integration – the reality is fragmentation and litigation

Lancashire County Council’s attempted award of their children’ s services contract to Virgin – thwarted by a successful legal challenge by two Lancashire NHS hospitals – really makes a mockery of the whole idea of Integrated Care Systems that integrate NHS and Council services, (as well as GP and hospital services which are taken out of hospital).

In order to cut spending by a small amount, Lancashire County Council was prepared to destabilise the whole healthcare service in the County by taking the children’s services contract away from local NHS hospitals and giving it to Virgin at a slightly cheaper price. Luckily a Judge saw sense.

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  1. I fully support the sentiments of this email and although and I am shocked and surprised at Labours stance on this.


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