Kirklees People! Are you satisfied with the range of services provided by Dewsbury District Hospital, following the cuts?

Kirklees people! Please let us know what your experience of Dewsbury District Hospital has been (as either patient or staff), since the cuts were completed last year.

You can comment in the comment box at the end of this blog post or email

The Independent Reconfiguration Panel has the job of reviewing significant changes to the NHS, when local Councillors tell them the changes are not good for local people.

But all the Independent Reconfiguration Panel said when Kirklees and Wakefield Councillors told them about problems with the plans for cutting Dewsbury and Pinderfields hospital services, was that the local Clinical Commissioning Groups could be sort them out.

Given what’s happened to hospital services in Dewsbury and Pinderfields, do you think they were right? Have the local Clinical Commissioning Groups made sure that there are good hospital services for people in Dewsbury and Pinderfields?

North Kirklees Support the NHS and other NHS campaign groups are concerned the Independent Reconfiguration Panel does not do its job properly. We want to suggest better ways for them to protect both the NHS and the public who use it.

Along with NHS campaign groups across England, Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS and N Kirklees Support the NHS are lobbying the Independent Reconfiguration Panel in the House of Commons on 10th September – thanks to Paula Sherriff MP who is hosting the meeting.

We will tell the Independent Reconfiguration Panel they need to up their game; your info could provide useful examples that help to explain why.

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