Love, love me, do! I’ll always be true! Macca says Hands off Liverpool Women’s Hospital

Paul McCartney supports the march to save Liverpool Women’s Hospital this Saturday, 22nd September.

In a recent letter to NHS campaigners,  Paul McCartney has spoken out in support of retaining Liverpool Women’s Hospital:

‘My mother was a nurse in Liverpool and was, as am I, a great supporter of the NHS. The LWH is one of the largest maternity hospitals in Europe and it would be nice for it to be recognised as such and remain a specialised centre.’

NHS bosses plan to relocate and downgrade Liverpool Women’s Hospital to a smaller unit on the site of the new Royal hospital. It is part of a wider plan to reduce the number of hospitals in Liverpool. The campaign group Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital wishes to retain the facility at its current location of the well-loved modern, low rise, landscaped site one mile away from the new Royal PFI, which is surrounded by traffic pollution.

Currently 8,000 babies a year are born at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and it carries out over 50,000 appointments every year for maternity, gynaecology, genetics and fertility. The hospital is a major neonatal unit and holds many specialised clinics. Tens of thousands of people have signed petitions to try and save the hospital and keep it on its current site.

Government cuts are putting lives at risk. Far too many essential facilities are being closed and/ or downgraded across the NHS and a large city like Liverpool cannot afford to lose such an important service.

On Saturday September 22nd Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign/Keep Our NHS Public are marching from Liverpool Women’s Hospital to the Albert Dock and Labour’s Conference. The march will assemble at 12 noon outside the hospital. Speakers will include MPs Emily Thornberry and Dan Carden. A lively atmosphere will be created with both Samba and Irish bands in attendance, highlighting the cultural heritage of this vibrant city.

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