Centralisation of blood services leaves GP practice completely at a loss as to what’s going on

Nine months ago, ck999 reported that the centralisation of pathology services – part of the cost cutting West Yorkshire and Harrogate Integrated Care System – was putting patient safety at risk.

Unacceptably, this continues to be the case. Word from a West Yorkshire GP practice today is that:

“Blood services are suppose to be being centralised. I am completely at a loss as to what is actually going on. Primary care bloods are going to Leeds and I think hospital bloods are going to Airedale.

Computers are not joined up and lots of bloods are going missing and problems.

We had a patient with a haemoglobin of 4.4 ( very low ) whose treatment was delayed because the label became detached from the blood bottles and the lab did not look on the computer request before destroying the sample. It wasn’t picked up for a week until the man came back still feeling ill . He was admitted that day!”

Both the National Audit Office and the Nuffield Trust have shown there is no real evidence that Accountable/Integrated Care models being set up by Sustainability and Transformation Plans and their successor Integrated Care Systems, have the positive results they are intended to.

We are very worried that the cost-cutting “innovation and integration” that NHS England claims to be introducing through the Integrated Care Systems that are to cover the country by April 2021, is not only unevidenced, but is actively damaging patient safety.

If you have experience of compromises to patient safety please email us. We need to challenge this whenever it happens.

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