More privatisation bs from Hudds and Kirklees NHS commissioners – this time, home oxygen

The Mid Yorks Hospitals NHS Trust, which used to provide the home oxygen service to North Kirklees patients, has lost the contract to Baywater Healthcare.

What has happened to the NHS staff who used to provide this service? The Clinical Commissioning Groups say that the service is now provided by Baywater Healthcare’s team of qualified respiratory nurses.

The Baywater Healthcare company provides Care Closer to Home services for patients with chronic illnesses. These services include home oxygen therapy, sleep diagnostics, CPAP treatment and adherence management, telehealth through remote monitoring, ventilation therapy, nebuliser therapy and emergency oxygen.

The company was set up in 2013. In 2018 it was bought up by The Bastide Group, which is apparently funded by Duke Street Private Equity. The equity company’s “mission” is

“to accelerate the growth of the companies that we buy…both organically and through acquisition.”

Patients in Greater Huddersfield apparently had no previous access to a home oxygen service, according to Dr Steve Ollerton, who says this is a new service for Greater Huddersfield patients. Which seems incredible. Surely Greater Huddersfield patients who need home oxygen cannot have been going without, until now?

In fact, Dr Steve Ollerton, Chair of Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body, is just plain wrong. Or else fibbing. This 2014 document shows that an NHS home oxygen service was provided to patients in Greater Huddersfield as well as Kirklees, Wakefield and Calderdale.

That was then. From now on, Baywater Healthcare will be holding clinics at The Grange Group Practice, Dewsbury Health Centre and satellite clinics at Kirkburton Health Centre, Meltham Group Practice and Cleckheaton Health Centre.

In addition, Dr David Kelly, local GP and Chair of NHS North Kirklees CCG said:

“The service will provide all home oxygen users with regular assessments and reviews, delivered by a specialist nurse to help provide education around equipment, check patients are using the correct amount of oxygen and are not over or under using and also provide education to health care professionals around prescribing.”

These assessments and reviews will be carried out in patients’ homes.

Home oxygen therapy is privatised everywhere

It seems home oxygen is now privatised everywhere. Why? This must be NHS England’s doing.

England is divided into home oxygen therapy regions. Baywater Healthcare provides home oxygen services across Yorkshire and Humberside and West Midlands. Four other regions have Air Liquide Healthcare as the home oxygen supplier. BOC and Dolby Vivisol between them cover three more.

Update: Yet MORE privatisation bs – Baywater Healthcare strikes again, this time with digital healthcare for Calderdale Care Closer to Home Alliance

It turns out that Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group intends that existing service contracts for Phase 1 of Calderdale Care Closer to Home should be included in a new Care Closer to Home Alliance. These could include Baywater Health, which apparently already provides Telehealth in the community in Calderdale.

A Care Closer To Home Alliance Board will be established to undertake the business required in creating and delivering an Alliance approach. This would see a private health company ensconced in the Calderdale Care Closer to Home Alliance – which the Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group’s Commissioning Prospectus envisages will develop into a 10 year contract.

Although it coyly avoids naming this contract, it describes in terms that are pretty much identical to the Integrated Care Provider contract.

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