Appeal to Hebden Royd Town Council: help give us back our GP Health Centre

On Wednesday 22nd May, Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS appealed to the Hebden Royd Town Council to help give us back our GP Health Centre, in the face of patients’ growing problems in accessing consultations with their GPs. (By “Help give us back our GP Health Centre” we mean: Help take action to restore the service to its former good standards.)

The appeal, presented by ck999 Chair, Jenny Shepherd, is below.

Councillors were unclear what they could do and felt they didn’t know enough about the problems to take action at the meeting. Discussion was deferred until the next Council meeting, on Wednesday 12th June. Although it doesn’t seem to have made it onto the agenda.

In order to inform themselves before the 12th June meeting, Councillors decided to ask both the powers-that-be and Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS for their explanations of the contentious Primary Care Network Contract and the Calderdale NHS commissioner’s Prospectus for a Care Closer to Home Alliance. These are both major reorganisations to the NHS and social care in Calderdale and will have massive effects on Hebden Royd GP practice.

Councillors agreed to ask Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group to make sure these issues are on the agenda for the June 11th Stakeholder Engagement Event on the revised plans for hospital and community/primary health services in Calderdale and Kirklees. 3 Councillors are attending this event.

Appeal to Hebden Royd Town Council: Please give us back our GP Health Centre.

Today I told two people about this Council meeting.

That’s what they want me to tell you.

They’ve both been unable to get appointments when they needed them.

One was physically unable to attend the walk in clinic in Mytholmroyd.

So he went without medical care and now feels unsafe.

The other has just given up on the Health Centre. And so has his friend. Both have chronic back problems. When they did manage to see a GP, all they got were painkillers.

Last year, after being discharged from hospital, at his post-hospital GP appointment the doctor handed him a prescription for painkillers without even talking to him.

When asked if a physio appointment might be more useful than painkillers, the GP said possibly.

There’s been no physio, just the painkiller prescription.

Anecdotes aren’t evidence. But we do need our GP health centre back.

In 2017 to 19, Calderdale Sustainability and Transformation Plan aimed to cut NHS and social care spending by £63m – because of a £79m funding shortfall.

The upshot is that last week Calderdale NHS commissioners published a prospectus for a Care Closer to Home Alliance, based on the 5 Calderdale Primary Care Networks.

They expect the Alliance will lead to

“a contract for up to 10 years, to manage a single population budget for the services that will innovate and transform access to, and delivery of, community health and care services…”

This describes an Accountable Care Organisation. Like they have in the USA – the world’s least efficient, least effective health care service. That cuts costs by restricting patients’ access to treatment.

The guy who feels unsafe said to me,

“No one knows what any of that means. Just tell the Councillors to give us back our GP health centre. Why is no one fighting for this?”

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  1. I would like to better understand how the funding and it’s implementation works. Over the past few years I have been closely involved with the surgery in caring for my mother and mother in law. The gps have often been amazing during crisis but trying to get my husband an appointment is impossible and means he neglects his health


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