Stepping up the #NHS4All campaign

999 Call for the NHS are proud to work alongside other campaign groups up and down the country.

Our shared goal is to reinstate the NHS as a comprehensive, universal #NHS4ALL – properly publicly funded, free of all privatisation and marketisation and directly accountable to the Secretary of State with a duty to provide and promote its services.

At the #NHS4All campaign action planning meeting in Leeds on 16th June, 999 Call for the NHS and the other NHS campaign groups focussed on stopping the imposition of USA-style Accountable Care on our NHS.

We agreed to do this through:

  • Winnable local campaigns to protect NHS, social care and public health services in the face of cuts and redisorganisations imposed by Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships/Integrated Care Systems, and justified by successive governments’ “austerity” lies.
  • Working with MPs and Trades Unions to make sure the NHS Reinstatement Bill is enacted by Parliament as soon as possible

We are grateful to everyone who travelled long distances to the #NHS4All campaign action plan meeting.

Campaigners from Yorkshire were joined by others from the Wirral, Milton Keynes, Southport, London, Chorley, Cambridge and Grantham.

The powers-that-be have rebranded Accountable Care as Integrated Care. But whatever they call it, it’s still the same old same old.

If it walks like an Accountable Care duck, quacks like an Accountable Care duck, it IS an Accountable Care duck. You can find out more here.

Since 2014 – when 999 Call for the NHS began life with the Jarrow to London People’s March for the NHS – we’ve marched, petitioned, helped to make referrals of lousy cuts proposals to the Secretary of State, taken NHS England and NHS Improvement to the High Court and Court of Appeal with a Judicial Review of the Accountable Care Organisation contract, and done endless fact finding research into NHS cuts and privatisation policies, schemes and proposals. We have lobbied Councillors, MPs, parliamentary candidates and various Party Conferences.

BUT OUR NHS IS STILL BEING SLASHED, TRASHED & PRIVATISED. The government and its quangos and their minions call it “integrated care”. But it’s still Accountable Care. ENOUGH ALREADY!

You can help to defend and restore our #NHS4All – sign up here!

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