Keep our #NHS4All, free at the point of use

In many areas, English NHS hospitals are asking patients to self-fund a range of NHS operations that are no longer routinely funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group in their area. This is happening now. These schemes are shrinking our NHS.

Please contact your hospitals Trust Chief Executive and ask them:

  • Are you currently offering or are you planning to offer in the future self-funded operations and treatment for elective services that you no longer routinely fund? If so please provide a copy of the price list.
  • How much income does the hospitals trust make from commercial sources?
  • Of this, how much comes from self-pay elective operations?
  • What plans, if any, is the trust developing to increase income from self-pay elective operations? Particularly those that the CCG/s no longer routinely fund?
  • Does the Trust plan to increase private income by more than 5% in any one financial year? If so, have you got the permission of more than 50% of elected governors? (if the hospital is a Foundation Trust)

We must put them under pressure. Email the above questions, or your own, to your hospitals Trust – FAO Chief Executive.

You can find contact details on your hospitals trust website. There is a list of all NHS hospitals on the NHS England website, here.

NHS commissioners have withdrawn routine NHS funding for many operations

Clinical Commissioning Groups were set up in the 2012 Health and Social Care Act. They’re supposed to commission healthcare services for their local areas, in ways that allow private companies to bid for NHS contracts.

To cut costs, they’re restricting patients’ access to a whole range of NHS treatments and operations.

They define these procedures as being of low clinical value or of low clinical benefit.

They have withdrawn routine NHS funding for these procedures.

This means GPs have to get prior approval from the Clinical Commissioning Groups, before they can refer patients to hospital consultants for these procedures.

On 1st April 2019, most Clinical Commissioning Groups updated their commissioning policies for these procedures of so-called limited clinical value came into force.

The commissioning policies list all treatments the Clinical Commissioning Groups define as low clinical priority or of low clinical benefit, which they no longer routinely fund.

The policies also list the criteria that the NHS Commissioners use to decide whether they will approve NHS funding for these procedures, on a patient-by-patient basis.

Mostly you can find these policies posted on the Clinical Comissioning Groups’ websites. But to confuse us all, they come under different names, such as:

  • Prior Approval
  • Procedures of Limited Clinical Value
  • Criteria-Based Clinical Treatments

If you can’t find your Clinical Commissioning Group’s policy on their website, please email them. There is a complete list of Clinical Commissioning Groups on NHS England’s website, here.

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