Hebden Bridge Group Practice to re-start same day urgent appointments in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd surgeries

Hebden Bridge Group Practice has announced that from 20 January it is stopping the generally unpopular Mytholmroyd Walk In for urgent consultations. Instead it is going back to same-day urgent appointments at their Mytholmroyd and HB surgeries (at least I guess that’s what they mean by their 2 main sites). The urgent appointments are bookable by phone on the day. Tel 01422 415777.

This decision is welcome. But it has been a long time coming.

In May, Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS (CK999) appealed to Hebden Royd Town Council to help give us back our GP centre. This was because of patients’ growing problems in accessing consultations with their GPs, as outlined in emails from CK999 to the Hebden Bridge Practice Manager over the last couple of years.

After listening to CK999’s statement at their May meeting, Councillors were not clear what they could do and felt they didn’t know enough about the problems to take action at the meeting.

So in June, CK999 went back to the Hebden Royd Town Council meeting with more information and asked them to take action. In response, the Mayor (Cllr Carol Stowe) said it was probably up to Councillors to voice the concerns of local people. Summing up the Councillors’ discussion, she said:

  • The way forward was to facilitate a fairly rapid public discussion in the Town Hall.
  • And that Hebden Royd Town Council would invite local residents to air concerns, but make it clear the Council doesn’t have any formal powers.

In the event, after the 12th June meeting, Hebden Royd Town Councillors changed their minds about facilitating a public meeting and instead asked the Hebden Bridge Group Practice Manager to come to a Hebden Bridge Town Council meeting.

In September, Hebden Bridge GP and Clinical Director for Upper Calder Valley Primary Care Network attended the Hebden Royd Town Council Meeting and explained what was going on at the Practice.

So it has taken ages but at least now patients will be able to urgently see a clinician – if not their GP – on the same day that they need a consultation.

It was worth the public complaining and CK999 raising patients’ problems repeatedly, first with Hebden Bridge Group Practice and then with Hebden Royd Town Council.

This is not the only problem patients have been having with Hebden Bridge Group Practice practice, but it is a big one and it’s good that the Practice is now sorting it.

We look forward to their progress with sorting other problems patients have identified.

Happy Christmas!


  1. To CK999- If you look at the thread for discussions on the Hebweb Forum 2019, Hebden Bridge Group Practice, you will see that I have repeatedly invited support from other patients registered with the practice to address a number of concerns, the morning ” cattle market” ( not an unfair description) being the main one. I also had a confidential meeting with a member of the Patient Participation Group from which I gleaned that they are powerless. Even the necessarily limited plans they had to address problems, including running their own patients’ survey, have never materialised .
    Until now I had never heard of CK999, and it sounds as though you have played a crucial role in bringing about this welcome change. As you know there is next to no formal leverage available to the public to change the behaviour of a practice, and I wonder if you plan to address any other issues with this particular practice that pays absolutely no heed to the needs and wishes of its registered population. The fact that the practice has a near monopoly in Hebden, Mytholmroyd and Luddendenfoot compounds the problem although I understand that a significant minority have voted with their feet. I have stayed with them only because of convenience and a view that having been a lifelong taxpayer I should not have to drive past their generally comfortable surgeries to find primary medical care in Sowerby Bridge or Todmorden.


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