We’re telling our MPs about a major NHS consultation travesty – please will you too?

Did you know a 6 week public consultation about major changes to NHS legislation ended on 8th January? This is a MAJOR change to the NHS slipping under the radar. Please let your MP know that this is NOT OK!

We are telling our MPs that NHS England/Improvement need to:

  • Extend the consultation deadline by another two months, to 8 March 2021.
  • Spell out what they mean in a new document written in plain English, free of jargon,
  • Publicise the consultation in places where ordinary people will see it

Please tell your MP too. Here’s where to find your MP’s email address, and here’s a template email you can download to send them:

What was the consultation about? Who knew about it? How well was it advertised?

The recent consultation was about new NHS legislation that would give strategic control of fragmented local health and social care systems (called Integrated Care Systems) to US profiteering companies, and further restrict our access to NHS treatments.

The consultation period was six weeks from the 27th November 2020 to 8th January 2021…so over Christmas. Which was six weeks of chaos and worry for most people. When we were all dealing with the confusion surrounding COVID19; leaving the EU; vaccines; Christmas preparations and fear of job losses

Six weeks. Six!!! They really didn’t want anyone to know.

We know that until they saw our information about responding to the consultation, people had no idea of the quango’s proposals, or their consultation.

We also know from people’s comments and questions that the consultation document and online survey questions were incomprehensible to the general public.

“Those questions made no sense to me”,

One of our neighbours.

“Reading the NHS England Integrated Care: Next Steps consultation document didn’t help.”

A Parish Councillor

The NHS England Integrating Care:Next Steps document does not make it clear that the proposed legislation will fundamentally change the structure and ethos of the NHS, by cementing changes introduced through the 2014-19 Five Year Forward View plan.

This Five Year Plan has required huge cuts and privatisation of services. It aimed at the stealth transformation of the NHS into a limited, restricted health service, based on the model of the US Medicare system that provides limited publicly-funded healthcare for people who are too poor or sick to afford private health insurance.

Since 2016, these changes have been implemented through so-called Sustainability and Transformation Plans for 40+ areas – without any legal authorisation. Now the proposed NHS legislation would fix these changes in place in a way that would be next to impossible to undo.

You can read more about it here

Please tell your MP this travesty of a consultation will not do! Here’s where to find your MP’s email address and here’s the template email you can use and adapt as you see fit:

And please send your MP this pledge, so they can post a selfie with it on their social media accounts with the hashtag #NHS4All #Fight4NHS ****THIS IS TO SEND TO YOUR MP****

Here’s a selfie flyer for you, that you can download, print and use in a selfie on social media to publicise this action!


  1. Thanks for this information. I’ll write to my MP but he’ll do nothing to help as he’s a committed Tory (and dentist, private I’m sure!) and always supports the Conservative Government. I’ll let friends know too.

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  2. Please can you ask to have the NHS consultation extended Margaret. I know we can all depend on you to do everything in your power to protect our precious NHS gifted to us by the Labour government – the greatest health organisation in the world and the envy of the world. Only a loathsome Tory government would sell it off for cash.


    • Thanks for your comment Stephanie. Not sure who Margaret is but guessing shess your MP? If so, please will you email her directly, as I doubt she is reading the comments on this blog post?


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