Covid-19 stitched up in Threads of Survival quilts

The Kirklees/West Yorkshire ‘Threads of Survival‘ Quilts were sewn up on Friday and the national quilt today.

They look very good.

The Threads of Survival Quilt has been initiated and coordinated by 999 Call for the NHS, to tell the story of the Covid Pandemic in this country and inspire people to think carefully about our NHS.

Many groups and individuals from Kirklees and across England have each sewn pieces telling the story of their 2020 year of Covid.

Making the Kirklees quilt has been coordinated by Christine Hyde and Chrissie Parker. Christine said,

“Many, many thanks to all who contributed a piece and especially the sewers who excelled themselves with tenacity, skill and good humour on both days.

“Thank you again to all involved. I hope you like it.”

Steven Carne, Chair of 999 Call for the NHS, which campaigns for the restoration of a properly publicly funded, managed and provided NHS for all, free at the point of use, said

“It’s incredible to have finished the first national quilt in one day.”


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