218 MPs vote to #ScrapNHSBill, 356 vote to approve second reading

MPs have voted down the Labour amendment to stop the Health and Care Bill second reading that was debated in the House of Commons this afternoon.

In the debate there were some surprisingly good statements from MPs. Thanks are due to strong points and sharp questions from Rachael Maskell, Debbie Abrahams, Zarah Sultana, Bell Ribeiro-Addy and others. Most of their questions were not answered by the Health Minister Edward Argar in his winding up speech.

NHS defenders held a rally outside Parliament before the second reading.

Here is the online Hansard record of the second reading debate

Here is the amendment.

How MPs voted

The vote was: For the amendment to stop the Bill 218, Against, 359. Here is the online Voting Record for the amendment, so you can see how your MP voted.

Of Calderdale and Kirklees MPs, Craig Whittaker, Jason McCartney and Mark Eastwood voted No. Barry Sheerman, Kim Leadbeater and Holly Lynch voted Yes.

Then there was a vote to approve the second reading. This was won by 356 votes to 219.

Of Calderdale and Kirklees MPs, Craig Whittaker, Jason McCartney and Mark Eastwood voted Yes. Barry Sheerman, Kim Leadbeater and Holly Lynch voted No.

If you’re on twitter and would like to thank or challenge your MP (as appropriate) using the hashtag #ScrapNHSBill, you can find their twitter accounts on TweetYourMP.

What happens next – Committee stage

Following discussions in the usual channels (what are they?), apparently the Public Bill Committee is expected to begin its consideration of the Bill in September. Four sittings are expected for oral evidence in the week of 6 September, followed by 20 sittings for line by line consideration, concluding on Tuesday 2 November.

The deadline for tabling amendments is three working days ahead of the sitting at which the amendments will be considered. If the first line-by-line session is on Tuesday 14 September, the deadline for the consideration of amendments at that sitting would be the rising of the House on Thursday 9 September.

The House of Commons Library produced a briefing on the Bill ahead of Wednesday’s second reading debate:  here. A bit pro-Bill of course.

copy of the Bill, together with Explanatory Notes and other relevant documents, can be found on the Bill pages of the Parliament website

Amendments for Committee stage can be tabled after the Bill has received its Second Reading. 

We can and must all give evidence to the Public Bill Committee

Info here.


  1. Thank you Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS/ Jenny Green for amazing briefings and for keeping us all up to date with this destructive bill. I tweeted and emailed as much as I could so I hope a few people responded.

    Yours work is greatly valued in this household and I am sure in many others too.

    I am suggesting on twitter that people write to their local papers and other local media to publicise what is happening with this bill. Apart from anything it does seem to have been rushed through.

    Best wishes and we won’t stop fighting for the NHS.



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