Health and Care Bill Briefing for House of Lords – amendments for Committee stage

Please share the Health and Care Bill briefing (downloadable below) with any members of the House of Lords you know of or are in touch with. The Committee Stage for the House of Lords to amend the Health & Care Bill starts 11 January 2022. This is what they will be scrutinising/debating day by day.

The briefing includes important amendments to remove the worst aspects of the Bill, after the House of Commons failed to do the job.

Unlike the House of Commons, where a few MPs form the Bill Committee, any member of the Lords can take part because the Lords meet as a whole House for committee stage, either in the main chamber or as a Grand Committee in a separate chamber. For the Health and Care Bill, the Lords will meet in the main chamber. Meetings have been scheduled for 11- 26 January.

During the House of Lords committee stage every clause of the bill has to be agreed to and votes on any amendments can take place. All suggested amendments have to be considered, if a member wishes, and members can discuss an issue for as long as they want. The government cannot restrict the subjects under discussion or impose a time limit. This is a key point of difference with procedure in the House of Commons

We are contacting Green Jenny Jones, Natalie Bennett and Joan Bakewell.

You can find House of Lords’ members contact details here.

Health and Care Bill Briefing for Lords Committee Stage – proposed amendments
Professor Allyson Pollock and Peter Roderick, Newcastle University
10 January 2022

The briefing urges peers to support the amendments numbered, and to table new amendments provided in the document.

Here’s where you can download the briefing so you can send it to your House of Lord contact/s.

The House of Lords second reading of the Health and Care Bill was on 7th December 2021.

This House of Lords update by Greg Dropkin includes a useful summary of key points of the debate:

Here is a link to previous blog posts about the Don’t Blow It! campaign to Kill the Health and Care Bill.


  1. I live in Littleborough but want OUR NHS to stay in the property of every adult in the country and not dold off to some money grabbing USA greedy company,at the cost if every UK health ands wealths!
    This Bill must be crushed!


    • Hi Vicky The Bishop of Blackburn is a Lancashire member of the House of Lords if you feel like telling him what you’d like him to do about the Health and Care Bill in the House of Lords.


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