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NHS cuts and sell offs are steaming ahead in Calderdale and Kirklees. Our NHS is not safe. Calderdale and Kirklees Councils, whose duty it is to protect our NHS from damage, are not always doing this job.

We can campaign most effectively if patients, their friends and families and NHS staff tell us where the cuts and sell offs are falling, and the effects this has on the care they receive and give. We will protect your anonymity. Please email us with info if you’d like us to campaign to protect NHS services that you need, but are under threat

We offer a unified grassroots campaign that works across both Calderdale and Kirklees, free from the influence and control of political parties, open to members of all parties and none, in order that we can become the cuts’ and privatisers’ nightmare and defend the #NHS4All.

Update 23rd May 2022 – This blog is now archived as the blogger needs a rest and is standing down. CK999 members are unable to carry it on. So long and thanks for all the fish.


Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS is a non-party/cross-party campaign group affiliated to national 999 Call for the NHS. It is open to anyone who supports what we stand for (see WHAT WE STAND FOR, below) and agrees to abide by the rules of our constitution. If you’re interested in becoming a member or supporter, please email us.

We need to link different campaigns together. Otherwise the campaigns stay in little boxes, but if they come together, we’ll be unstoppable.

We need to challenge the story that there is a shortage of money, and that this justifies the NHS funding cuts. There is money. We want it spent on the NHS.

For example. At the moment 40K NHS staff earn less than the living wage. To solve that problem would cost 0.04% of the cost of replacing Trident.

The stakes are fantastically high, for both the public and the politicians who want to privatise the NHS.

The public faces losing the institution we most love and depend on at times of crisis – birth, illness and death.

Politicians from all main parties and their corporate cronies stand to gain from the largest privatisation ever seen in the UK – a budget amounting to around £110bn every year is up for grabs, plus lots of land.

There is a role for direct action groups. We need to take on the politicians who support and enable cuts and sell offs.

Given the state of the media, there is spin and misinformation all over the place. We need to develop our own trusted media and social media networks to communicate accurate information about what is happening with NHS cuts and sell offs and how to stop it happening.


  • A National Health Service that puts the patient before profit. Allowing doctors, nurses and all health workers to focus on the needs of their patients not private company profit for shareholders
  • The restoration of a fully democratic & publicly accountable NHS which stops and reverses the break up of the NHS due to marketisation & privatisation. A fully renationalised NHS  – back in full public ownership
  • Enacting the National Health Bill (NHS Reinstatement Bill). Also to ensure the Secretary of State’s duty to provide a universal, comprehensive health care service based on people’s medical needs not ability to pay
  • The restoration of adequate NHS investment to make good the projected £22bn/year funding shortfall by 2020, stopping cuts, establishing & maintaining GDP spend to 10%
  • A full UK withdrawal from the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and other global corporate agreements that seek to undermine public services and place ownership into the hands of UK & non-UK private companies.
  • All Public Finance Initiative debts to be renegotiated and investigated for fraud and onerous debt. Wherever onerous debt is proven PFI should be scrapped.
  • Maximise the ability of a renationalised NHS to limit, research and control the power of the pharmaceutical industry, basing financing of drugs on fair value not large profits

This blog – “News you’re not supposed to know”

We’ve borrowed the slogan from Liverpool Free Press, set up in the 1970s to provide information that would be useful to people struggling for control over their own lives.

We follow National Union of Journalism principles of ethical reporting. And the broader definition of ethical reporting proposed here:

“News reporting…should serve the public good by providing people with societally important and useful information, emphasising the social utility of news for an audience comprising not just isolated individuals but (potentially) active citizens… there is an urgent need for what might be thought of as socially enabling and democratically empowering information that strengthens active citizenship by promoting understanding and imaginative empathy.”

Tony Harcup (Senior Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Sheffield), What’s the Point of News? A Study in Ethical Journalism, 2020, Palgrave Macmillan
Annual Report 2019
Annual General Meeting 2020


  1. Hi
    Please can this group support the Junior doctors action in Leeds on 21 October 2015 at 6pm meeting outside the entrance to the Brotherton Wing of the Leeds General Infirmary at 6pm, with candles and placards to walk down to joint the Junior doctors at their rally outside the Leeds Art Gallery.


      • Hi Jenny. Our group in Newham has been active in trying to extend the local pilot so that it’s genuinely local. Very impressed with your blog and Calderdale’s campaign. Is there any way we can link up and follow each other’s Facebook pages. We all need multiple LIKES to boost our support base but not sure how to break out of our current FOLLOWERS which has levelled off at about 388 . We are. Newham Save Our NHS.https://www.facebook.com/NewhamSaveOurNHS


  2. Just posted some things you said about the numbers traced by Serco’s national system on Newham’s Facebook page. Maybe it’s worse than you even suggest? I am very careful, I hope, about using statistics. Calderdale say 51% of confirmed cases provide at least one contact. An appalling figure but I suspect it’s worse. If they mean that is 51% of the confirmed cases that they actually trace and they only trace 75% of those they know of then actually the percentage of those with at least one contact is only 51% of the 75% they traced originally, making the percentage of those with one contact, as a percentage of the total confirmed cases 38% !! 


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