Big lobby at Health & Care Innovation Expo in Manchester, 7 -8 September

Friends from Barnsley and further afield are going to NHS England’s Health and Care Innovation EXPO in Manchester on 7-8 September to ‘give them some grief’ and are calling on others to join them. Please let us know if you’d like more info.
Be good to see people lobbying outside both days but the big speeches are on Wednesday 7th:
  • Simon Stevens at noon
  • Jeremy Hunt at 2pm
  • Health Service Journal Sustainability and Transformation Plan summit at 5pm (snuck in at same time as the Kate Granger Awards)
Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 17.41.27
Here are some of the delights on offer at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016, which is an event for the ‘NHS businesses’ and is sponsored by Healthcare UK.   Have a look at what they do!!!
Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 17.42.41
Translated, that’ll be the wonders of privatisation via personal health budgets and a bonanza for big pharma and big digitech – and then the wonders of replacing our highly skilled and qualified health professionals with lower-skilled, cheaper staff.
Better bring bullshit alert placards then.
bs alert_cropped
Our friends in Barnsley say:
The way everything is going – its horrendous. It’s a ‘business sponsored event’ – could do with a big lobby outside to say we want a safe, public NHS – not hubs & spokes that mean we lose services, staff & beds etc. etc.
We need to TELL ’em.  7th & 8th September at Manchester Central, Petersfield M2 3GX . Here are  directions to the venue

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