Here’s where you can tell your MP: “Don’t Blow It! Kill the Health and Care Bill before it kills us”

Welcome to the page where you can sign the Don’t Blow It! letter to your MP, telling them to vote against the Health and Care Bill.

Please click here to sign the letter

If you want to read the letter before you sign it, it’s right here…

Dear [………]

Please find enclosed a handkerchief with an urgent embroidered message from your constituents:

Don’t Blow It!

Kill the Health and Care Bill before it kills us.

There are compelling reasons for our call:

  • The Bill really will kill some of us – it reduces the government’s obligations to secure NHS care for us all; and it will worsen the current NHS staff shortage, by deregulating clinical professions and continuing the moral injury to NHS staff that has occurred during the pandemic. 
  • It is a Bill for big business – putting big business at the heart of NHS decision-making and the delivery of services.
  • It will do nothing to solve the NHS’s problems.

As our MP – Don’t blow it!

The Health and Care Bill, which passed its second reading in July, is beyond amendment. Tinkering with it will not create a Bill that meets the needs of the NHS for the 21st Century.

The Bill must be stopped by MPs.

NHS and social care legislation must be deferred until a Bill can be drafted that will enable:

  • world class health care for all,
  • a national publicly provided health service, adequately funded and free at the point of need,
  • providing comprehensive treatments based on the patient’s best interest, decided together with clinicians not on the basis of financial calculations,
  • with national NHS staff pay and conditions and professions regulated independently of government politics.

The Bill reduces the government’s obligations to secure NHS care for us all – potentially this would breach the government’s duty to provide an effective framework for protection of the right to life.  

Additional information and references are in an Appendix.

Please Don’t Blow It! Kill the Health and Care Bill before it kills us!

Your constituents:

Here is where to add your signature to the “Don’t Blow It!” letter to your MP

Once you’ve clicked through to the google form, all you need to add is your name, postcode (proves you are a constituent) and your constituency.

If you’re not sure which constituency you live in, just put your postcode. (We can work out what constituency you live in from this postcode constituency finder.)

Appendix to the letter

The Appendix is so that MPs can see the factual basis for the statements in the letter.

If you’d like to read it, you can download it here as a pdf file:

NHS activists across England have been embroidering handkerchiefs for 72 of the most marginal English MPs, with the message “Don’t Blow It! Kill the Health and Care Bill before it kills us.”

This is not a joke – it’s for real. The letter (and detailed appendix, to show the MP we know what we’re talking about) explains why.

We are particularly targetting 72 of the most marginal constituencies in England

Plus a few others where constituents have sewn handkerchiefs for their MPs and really want them to get the message.

Here are the MPs we’re particularly targetting – because marginal MPs are more likely to listen to their constituents.

Additional MPsand Mayor of London

Campaigners in Lincolnshire and SW London constituencies are also targetting the following MPs (regardless of their large majorities) plus the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Please sign the letter if you’re their constituent.

  • Victoria Atkins MP, Louth & Horncastle (Con)
  • Gareth Davies MP, Grantham (Con)
  • Chris Grayling MP, Epsom and Ewell (Con)
  • Paul Scully MP, Sutton and Cheam (Con)
  • Sadiq Khan Mayor Of London (because he has huge power over health provision across all of London.) Any London resident can add their name, postcode and constituency to the letter, even if your London MP is not one of the targetted London MPs.


  1. Just signed. I hope my MP, Angela Richardson, who holds the Guildford seat with only 5,000-and-some votes, will get a drawer full of these handkerchiefs! What a great campaign. Congratulations 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I regularly receive current pricelist of operations available at Ashford One private hospital which is in the grounds of the William Harvey Hospital, Kent.


    • Thanks, just checked, for the info of others who (like me) may not know, William Harvey Hospital is part of East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust. The One Ashford Hospital doesn’t seem to be mentioned on the WIlliam Harvey website, but it has a webpage of its own on the NHS website, here The One Ashford Hospital website says it is run by One Healthcare LTd The consultants it lists seem to be mostly moonlighting from NHS hospitals including William Harvey. So while they’re working on private patients they’re not available to treat NHS patients. According to its own website, “One Healthcare is part of the Fern Trading group and is advised by Octopus Healthcare, a leading UK healthcare property investor, developer and manager of healthcare properties. Octopus Healthcare is part of the Octopus Group.”


  3. Sadly, the millions who voted Tory had no idea what the Tories were planning because they simply could not be bothered to find out. Those same millions will almost certainly be amongst the first to suffer from lack of medical and social care. When they wake up to what ICS’s really mean it will be too late for all of us. Please contact your MP directly as well are through this letter, make sure thy realise you will hold them personally and severally liable if you are unable to get the treatment you need on the NHS since they will have voted for the removal of service. It is time to get up and make our voices hea d loudly, and also to encourage others to do so.


  4. I had no idea what the Tory government were planning as regards dismantling the NHS because, along with others I know it was not because we could not be bothered to find out but because ,in our area, our MP is a strong supporter of the NHS as he has benefited greatly from this vital service in the past so don’t generalise and class all of us over 70.’s as out of touch with medical news and lazy s regards using our brains.


    • I completely agree that it would be daft and counter productive to generalise and class over 70s as out of touch with medical news and lazy as regards using their brains. This is not something the Don’t Blow It! campaign has done or would do – after all, many of the campaign team are over 70 ourselves. If you don’t mind me asking, Vera, who is your MP? (From your website name, it looks as if it’s probably Robert Largan, the High Peak MP?) Would you consider asking your MP – as a strong supporter of the NHS – to explain to his constituents what the health & care Bill would do as regards dismantling the NHS, and why he is going to vote against it?


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