Resist the Health and Care Bill – Give evidence to the Public Bill Committee

  • Yesterday (14 July 2021) MPs rejected a Labour amendment to decline the Second Reading of the Health and Care Bill by 359 (no) to 218 (yes). They then voted 356 (yes) to 219 (no) to approve the Second Reading.
  • The Bill will now go to the Public Bill Committee stage, probably in September.
  • Get ready to tell the Public Bill Committee about the damage this Bill will do to the NHS in your Integrated Care System area, and what you want them to do about the Bill.

We can all submit evidence to the Public Bill Committee

The UK Parliament website has this info (below) about how the public can have input into legislation:

Submitting evidence to a Public Bill Committee

Evidence sessions

After the second reading of a bill in the House of Commons, it will usually be referred to a Public Bill Committee for detailed examination of the bill. The committee may invite members of the public to submit their views.

This is the Health and Care Bill webpage, for info.

Committees usually begin by inviting ministers or other officials to talk to them in person about the bill. They may invite lobby groups, organisations or individuals with a particular interest in the subject to give their views in this way. If you think you or your organisation should be invited, you can contact the Department of Health and Social Care officials responsible for the bill.

We will post their contact details asap, or you can find out by emailing or calling 020 7219 4272 020 7219 4272. (Listed here as the folk to contact for enquiries about a Bill going through the House of Commons.)

You can contact the Scrutiny Unit for more information on giving evidence to Public Bill Committees.

Giving written evidence 

Committees can also ask for written evidence from organisations and members of the public.

Find out which Public Bill Committees are taking evidence now

What happens once the evidence has been gathered?

Meetings of Public Bill Committees take place in public and you can attend these sessions without reserving a place in advance. Details of the sessions are also recorded in Hansard.

Once the Public Bill Committee has finished taking evidence, it will report its findings to the House of Commons, with suggestions for amendments or changes to the bill. These will be debated in the House of Commons chamber.

Info source:

Tory source: “I don’t think there are any Conservatives that actually want this bill to happen”

A Health Service Journal reporter has been talking to a Conservative who is “close to the legislative process” and highly sceptical about the Bill. The source told reporter Sharon Brennan,

“The health secretary doesn’t seem to support it and I am not sure how that will play out. This bill is so big it’s going to get bogged down. It is not a stable situation that this bill has been launched into.

“The big issue is I don’t think there are any Conservatives that actually want this bill to happen. Most of the back benchers won’t yet know what it is and the first they’ll hear will be concerns about it. It must also be the first instance of a health bill introduced without the health secretary’s support.”

”We could see a world in six months’ time of lots of rows over this without it doing anything to help with waiting times, and MPs asking why are we doing this?”

Three Conservative MPs voted against approving the second reading: Philip Davies, MP for Shipley Andrew Lewer, MP for Northampton South and Esther McVey, MP for Tatton.

All of us with Conservative MPs, let’s be sure to tell them our well-founded concerns about the Bill, maybe they too will come to see this Bill doesn’t deserve their support. If the Secretary of State doesn’t support it, why should they?

You can read more of Sharon Brennan’s Health Service Journal piece here –


  1. Thank you for this information and the work you do, which I fully support.

    However, until he media actually report on this Bill, unlike their silence over the Health and Social Care Bill in 2011, this campaign will fail.

    There is too little opposition in Parliament to succeed and the public are totally blind to what is going on.

    There needs to be a campaign of emails, letter writing and demonstrations by the public to ALL media outlets owners and editors of both TV, Radio and print media.

    Pressure needs to be put on the tabloids to report on the Bill and I suggest that demos should be visiting the HQ of media outlets.

    Time has come to realise that the media is controlled by the Government via its donors who own the media and via bribes and threats.

    AS web editor of a website aimed at supporting union safety reps and the wider trade union movement, I am doing my part in campaigning and educating the readers and via FB and Twitter too,

    on the destruction of the NHS.

    If you have a press mailing list can you also please add my email address to it.

    kind regards

    Chris Ingram

    web editor


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